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Mysteries of Haraz Road to Mazandaran province
The mysteries of Iran's Haraz Road

Tehran, IRNA – Beautiful Haraz Road from Tehran to the northern city of Amol, Mazandaran province has been situated in an excellent rocky district in center of Alborz Range of Mountains has mysteries along the coasts of the Caspian Sea.

Haraz pulls in an extraordinary number of voyagers each end of the week, due its common wonders and scenes, it is notable for Mt Damavand, Haraz Rivers, Haraz Valley, Haraz Road, Larijan Thermal Springs, Damavand and Ski AbAli Ski Resort and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Haraz Road is the nearest road to Mount Damavand, the highest peak in Iran and Middle East. Lar Dam, Lar National Park, which Mount Damavand is within, is easily accessible from Haraz Road that is called (Road 77).

As a rule, there is a substantial car influx on this thin primary street amid Iranian occasions and the weekends (Thursday and Friday), so the street is swung to one-route heading by police in the pinnacle of activity to facilitate traffic and movement of the vehicles.

The road, now known as Haraz, was put into operation in 1963 and took 23  years to complete. This road, also known as Road 77, passes through the Haraz River, dividing the two cities of Boomehen and Rudehen from the Firouzkouh road, crossing Abali, Imamzadeh Hashem, Polour, Abusk, Rine and Larijan riversو and eventually joins the city of Amol.

*** Nava Village

Nava Village also known as "400 Springs" for its abundant water springs is one of tourist resorts of Haraz Road.

Seeing the old village buildings and their verandas and beautiful windows, some of which are still in existence, would be exciting for tourists. The 4,000-meter-high "Pashureh" peak is also a good sight in the village, probably because of its particular type of rocks, known as pumice.

*** Larijan Hot Springs

This spa is where the eye catching climax of Damavand exists and it has several springs.

This place is the most famous spa of Larijan which is called “Shah Abbasi Bath” which is undoubtedly natural, though it is not much clean as it is always crowed.

After Shah Abbasi bath, Ab-Ahan (Water-iron) pool is the most famous pool of the district. There is a high amount of iron in the water of this spring which is obvious from its color! This water is very beneficial for skin diseases and it is located on the top of the mountain.

***Filband ; A Village Above the clouds

Filband village is one of the most beautiful villages in the northern cities of Iran which most often drowned in the ocean of the cloud. Its sunrise and sunset is another unique attraction of the village where you can experience spring weather during hot summer season.

Filband village is one of the best destinations for nature enthusiasts who take an Iran tour and is located in one of the highest mountains of Mazandaran, and has a very beautiful landscape. This village is in fact one of the best villages in the province of Mazandaran and best destination between all Iran tourism places in the hot season of the year.

Filband village is 2,700 meters above sea level and surrounded by the sea of clouds in most time of year. The ocean of could is actually a phenomenon where you can feel yourself on the clouds.

*** Shahandasht Waterfall

65 kilometers from Amol is the destination of many due to the Shahandasht waterfall. This waterfall, with its height of 50 meters, overlooks the bungalow of the same name, which you will almost miss seeing.

From the village of Shahandasht to the waterfall you are about half an hour's walk away with unforgettable scenery. Except for the waterfall watching the nature of the village and the traditional rural houses is no exception.

There are 3 waterfalls totally, about 180 meters high altogether. Over the main waterfall on the mountain lies the large castle of Malek Bahamn, also known as Malake Ghale. It was called Angel’s castle in the old days.


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