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“Daddy Beski”, a man of nature and deprived people

Tehran, Aug 19, IRNA - The "Father of Nature of Iran" or well-known " Daddy Beski" has always been concerned about the country's natural resources and environment such as water scarcity and believed that neglecting environmental pollution would cause irreparable damage to society.

Born in 1931 in the village of Besk in Sabzevar, Gholamali Baski, besides being anxious about nature, based on evidence, and according to his relatives, he also assisted the poor and disadvantaged people in his pursuit of his goals and took effective measures in this regard.

Mohammad Razvani, a close friend and companion, told IRNA that after getting diploma certificate in Sabzevar, Beski attended the university exams and, after succeeding in national medical exam, left for Tehran and via hard efforts was able to graduate from the University of Tehran.

After graduating, Beski was employed at Dr. Motamedi Hospital in Mashad, and worked for a while in the pediatric ward of Imam Reza Hospital in Mashad but decided to go to Gonbad Kavous and serve the people of that area and offer medical services. Married in 1952 having four daughters, Beski soon set up a clinic and provided health care to the people of the area, in collaboration with his wife Shafiqa Gulozar, an educated midwife.

After that, Dr. Beski continued his studies in the field of gynecological surgery and graduated from the University of Tehran in 1966. In 1969, with the help of his wife, he founded the first private hospital and maternity hospital in the province of Mazandaran, and worked hard to help the deprived patients and mothers in the area.

In this period, influenced by intellectuals such as Mawlana Rumi, Sa’adi, Hafez, Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer and Einstein, he tended to have good-natured attitudes that promoted respect for all and striving for spiritual and physical excellence. Because of her mother's cancer, he was forced to nurse her in a place dubbed as Gandhi's House and Dr. Albert Schweitzer's shelter.

Rezvani explained that Beski familiar with the region's poverty and deprivation decided to provide a place called Gandhi’s House to accommodate the intelligent children and students of the region who were unable to attend school due to poverty and deprivation.

The constant work and efforts on the path of treating social and medical problems has always endangered his health, but reflection on his physical condition has opened him up to a new set of "biological" thoughts, by studying the secrets of nature and the secret of creation in human life and health he believed that the earth needed protection to survive, and then put all its force into protecting the environment.

Among his supportive activities were translating and publishing the book "How to Love the Planet Earth" to promote community awareness. He endowed his estate in Mashad for financial support for environmental protection activities and his scientific and spiritual endowment has been prepared and registered in Mashhad.

With his agreement, Dr. Beski's environmental and cultural institute was registered at the Khorasan Center for NGOs.

Beski believed that for birth of each child a tree should be planted in order to maintain a balance between human life and nature. After establishing a hospital in Gonbad and providing day-to-day activities and services to deprived people in the area in 1970 he got sick and thought he had stomach cancer due to eating too much meat. And then abandoned urban life and decided to settle in the Golestan forest. He gradually became an absolute vegetarian, devoting his life to environmental protection and vegetarianism.

Baseki was named "Father of Iranian Nature" because of his persistent efforts in informing the public through the media and practical action on the endowment of all properties.


The late Beski exercised for about 40-50 minutes every day without interruption and received nature-loving trails through hiking the forests and valleys with springs and healed several chronic diseases such lumbar disc and his skin sensitiveness.

He believed that if all people did not quit eating meat, they would increase greenhouse gas emissions and destroy glaciers and kill the earth. "Iran's environment must be considered dead. What can I say except condolences?" He also believed that" we should respect nature, not give illegal orders. "Avoid pouring the country's capital into the pockets of people and instead spend it on infrastructure."

Rezvani concluded that in meeting with him in the presence of a number of environmentalists who witnessed Dr. Beski's affection for accomplishing environmental goals in the country, he granted him all the endowment authority on September 30, 2013, but unfortunately on the trip to Sabzevar, he suffered a brain stroke, and after several years in bed, he died on Wednesday, and on Friday, with the presence of men and women from the city of Gonbad Kavous, the lovers of environment from all over the country, he was rest to peace in village of Tangrah.


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