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What is the importance of JCPOA for Iran and the world?

Tehran, Feb 22, IRNA – Despite ups and downs in the past several years and Washington’s withdrawal, the JCPOA is still alive and global efforts to maintain it suggest its importance in political, security and economic spheres, not just for the parties of the deal, but for the global community as well.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the JCPOA or Iran nuclear deal, could probably be considered as the most important deal signed in the world in the last two decades. Being a product of multi-lateralism, the deal gathered not only world powers, but also the whole world around a diplomatic axis.

The multilateral diplomacy among Iran and world powers provided a win-win condition; in other words, it produced common understanding, balance in commitments and tangible guarantees from all the parties involved. Moreover, the UN Security Council officially supported the deal in the resolution 2231, elevating the JCPOA to international law level.

However, former US President Donald Trump put the world in a shocking situation by withdrawing the US from the nuclear deal. Following this, the remaining parties in the deal began extensive efforts to save the JCPOA.

European parties to the deal took several positive measures by offering a proposal pack and launching the INSTEX system to support business relations between Iran and European companies; however, none of them bore fruit because of US sanctions.

After four years of crippling pressure in during Trump’s term, new US President Joe Biden announced new policy with regard to the JCPOA. Biden administration has stated that it would return to the deal and put diplomacy in high priority.

***JCPOA importance for Iran and the world

Besides being a window for removing US sanctions against Iran, the JCPOA also serves as a driving force for diplomacy and multilateralism in the world. It is also a factor to counter Iranophobic images that depicts Iran as a country that has hidden nuclear military activities and is not going to cooperate with the global community.

Distorting this image, the JCPOA and developments around it showed the Islamic Republic of Iran is an accountable, committed country that didn’t get out of the JCPOA despite US withdrawal and sanctions resumption.

The nonstop effort by European counties, Russia and China to save the JCPOA is not a baseless one. They are completely aware of joint values and benefits of the deal. This effort is now inching closer to the good days of Iran nuclear deal.

As Biden administration is changing direction from maximum pressure to maximum diplomacy, the JCPOA as the symbol of maximum diplomacy must be maintained. This deal can lead the world to order and stability.

The deal, in addition to security-related functions, can play a role in speeding up the world economy which is hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, by expanding economic ties between Iran and European counties.


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