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Journey to Bushehr; Intersection of sea and palmgrove

Bushehr, IRNA - Port of Bushehr (Bandar) is the center of Bushehr province and due to being located at the strategic Persian Gulf coast, maritime exports and imports, fishing industry, having natural gas and oil reservoirs, agriculture and palm orchards and having nuclear power plant, is one of the strategic ports of Iran.

Bushehr province is one of the southern provinces of Iran in terms of having the largest area is the 17th biggest province and is located at the region of the Persian Gulf.

Bushehr is a seaport and because of its proximity to the sea, it has both pristine natural spots and has long been a destination for tourists, and has long been a historic destination for tourists.

Bushehr is located in a vast plain running along the coastal region. The capital city being Bandar-e-Bushehr or the 'Port of Bushehr'. This port is at a distance of 1,218 km. from Tehran, and has a hot, humid climate. Since the past, this port has been one of the important ones in Persian Gulf which has an international airport too. During the 1st and 2nd Millennium BC., the Peninsula of Bushehr was a thriving and flourishing seat of civilization called 'Rey Shahr'.

Walking along the beach and feeding the seabirds, which in itself is of particular interest to tourists, strolling through the alleyways of Bushehr gives the city a distinctive climate, as the historic fabric of Bushehr lies in the heart of the city and includes four neighborhoods with Architecture is special.

Natural tourist attractions abounds the city which draws a great number of tourists to the city around the year

**** Bushehr tourist attractions

*** Persian Gulf Coast 

The coast of this province is of two types,i.e., sandy and rocky. The latter in itself is a wonderful sight worth seeing. Being of limestone and due to the active water erosion, leaving beautiful and natural impressions behind.

The sandy shores, however, provide recreational areas for water sports. Bushehr being close to the cities of Abadan, Bandar-e-Abbas, Shiraz in Iran; including other countries of Persian Gulf such as Kuwait and Bahrain, attracts many tourists and visitors during the winter season.

*** Siniz Port

Also known as "Sinyz Port, Bandar-e Siniz (Farsi), the remnants of the ancient port of 'Siniz' can be observed about 20 km. from Bandar-e-Daylam and near 'Khor (Estuary) Imam Hussein.
The Hessar village was the site of the western rampart of the ancient city of 'Siniz' and a few relics can be observed here.

The city of Deylam is located in the northern point of Bushehr province and has same borders with Kohgiluyeh va Boyer Ahmad and Fars. Every year, tourists from all over the world travel to Iran and this city to watch the attractions of Deylam.

The ancient port of Siniz is one of the landmarks of Deylam, where the historical sites of the northern part of the Bushehr province are located in. In the ancient city of Siniz you can see the remnants of hills from the old time. The ancient city of Siniz is an academic city with important scientific centers.

*** Siraf Ancient City 

Siraf is located south east of the port of Bushehr near the small port of Taheri and this ancient city encompasses the three ports of 'Bandar-e-Taheri', 'Bandar-e-Kangan' and 'Bandar-e-Dayer'.

Siraf dates back to the Sassanian period and originally was known as 'Ardeshir Aab' due to the fact that Ardeshir Babakan set up a waterway network here in order to facilitate port activities for which he was responsible.

Ancient relics in this region are: Parts of a defense fort related to the end of the Sassanian era and the Siraf Jame' mosque related to the end of the (2nd century AH.

A part of the locality where the wealthy people resided including several small mosque of the (3rd and 4th century AH. ). A number of (mass) graves or tombs, a palace-like edifice and few other buildings.

*** Malek Mansion in Bushehr

This monument is a historical building located in the central part of Bushehr city, one of the historical monuments and landmarks of Bushehr province in southern Iran. The mansion of Bushehr is related to the late Qajar period.

If you are interested in Iranian history, travel to Iran and visit this magnificent mansion in Bushehr. Mansions resembling Saadat Mansion mainly belong to the capitalists and businessmen of that time, and this mansion was also the same; a rich businessman called Mohammad Mahdi Malekotojar, due to its relationship with domestic and foreign traders, by patterning from them, built a mansion for their business which is known as one of the historical attractions of Bushehr. 

The main building is the most important part of this mansion, built in 2 floors and the paintings of the walls attract your attention.

*** House of Rais Ali Delvari

Rais Ali Delvari Museum, which was the house of the Iranian independence and freedom fighter , is located in the southeast of city of Delvar from Tangestan County of Bushehr Province.

The building was dedicated to the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran by the inheritors of Rais Ali Delvari. After that, this building, in forty-five kilometers from Bushehr, was registered as a national heritage of Iran.

House of Rais Ali Delvari covers an area about 4,000 square meters and was built during the final years of Qajar in 1286 SH. White and short walls of this house that are also a symbol of history of Iranian Constitution Revolution shine brightly under the sunlight of Delvar.


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