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Fascinating charm and attractions of desert in Iran
Maranjab Desert

There is a famous saying, "Once a person is bewitched by the charm of Desert, can no longer let go and forget its beauties". This is a sentence you will see when you look at the desert and touch its beauties.

Warm days, cold nights, waterlessness, dangerous reptiles and some daunting things are enough to deter many from going to the desert, but these are not all realities.

Going to the desert may seem like just sunrise and sunset, strolling through the sand dunes, shooting and of course, staying by the fire, but to add to the fun of just a few hours of your day in the desert, it also adds to the fun of the desert. Enjoy only the desert and more.

*** Off Road Safari

Iran is a land of stunning landscapes, endless skies, barren deserts, rugged mountains and spectacular wildlife. Iran desert tours and desert safari explores some of the most remote areas of this fascinating land — areas rarely explored by others, making this a true journey of discovery. From the dunes of Lut desert to the dramatic Kalouts of the Shahdad.

This Iran desert safari and desert trekking is led by highly skilled and qualified guides with an incredible passion for the natural regions in which they work and a vast knowledge of the natural world, history and culture of Iran.

Sharing the adventure and guiding you on this journey of discovery is both a profession and a personal hobby. Explore the beauty of the Iran desert and its secrets within. Get a taste of the distinctive Iranian traditions and culture and enrich your knowledge and experiences in life with our Iran desert trekking. Join us for our next trip in Iran desert tours.

Off Road and Safari is one of the most exciting desert recreations. Although not long-running safari programs in Iran, adventure and thrill-seekers who are interested in sightseeing and traveling to pristine desert and desert areas choose Safari.

You and your friends can ride in an off-road car and let the driver take you through the sand dunes in the desert and let the adrenaline rush into your whole being.

***Motor Cycling In Desert

Iran is one of those few countries which still feels like an untouched gem. Few visitors think about exploring it by motorcycle, whereas it provides a truly unique experience with more intimate and special connection with local people.

And in Iran, you won't be able to put one foot on the ground without meeting someone eager to exchange with you over a cup of tea!

Put on your helmet and embark on a 1500 kilometer ride through the immemorial Persia: From Shiraz, the city of poets and delicate gardens, to the immensity of harsh deserts, via the blue jewel of Isfahan and the sandy wind catchers of Yazd, discover the pure and enchanting face of Iran escorted with an English speaking guide and mechanic though the whole journey.

The more dangerous the motorcyclist in the desert is, the greater the excitement. Think about it! At speed, on a thousand cc diesel engine, you hit the sand of the desert sand and send a roaring wave of sand into the air.

An incredible thrill that cannot be achieved by any means in the desert. A pleasure that many naturalists equate with surfing the stormy Mediterranean coast. The desert is a motorcyclist's paradise. You can go wherever you want and go wherever you want.

*** Camel Riding Tours

Can you go to the desert and not scoot? Camel riding is one of the main recreational activities of the desert. Camel rides today have become an integral part of desert tours, a fun that is unforgettable. Apart from being fun, the nostalgic sense of camaraderie that one gives a person is memorable.


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