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Semnan's Haj Aligholi Desert: Drained salt lake

Semnan, IRNA --- Watching nights full of stars in a profound silence, strolling on a white carpet with crystal line 4-sided carvings and sensual experience of hearing the crunching sounds of salt crystals as they watch the glittering scene of crystals, is a silent experience mixed with travel to Haj Aligholi Desert in Semnan's Damghan.

Semnan's Haj Aligholi Desert at the south east of Damghan city, Semnan province with 6, 541 square kilometers, is located near the village of Khourzan.

Haj Ali Gholi is located in south east of Damghan city and near the village of Khourzan, Haj Ali Gholi is 43 km away from the city center, 39 km from the road to access this beautiful asphalt desert and 7 km from it. The slope of this desert is southwest and is between 1,050 and 1,094 meters above sea level.

According to experts, many years ago, many parts of Iran were completely submerged, and after several millions of years of dry land, Iran was overwhelmed by water and dry or lakes and pits in the country, the salt lake of Haj Aligholi Desert is from the same great sea, which has no trace of salt except its salts.


There are two ways to get to this beautiful desert, the first route is through Shahroud Road to Shah Jam Village and the second route is through KhoUrzan village on Damghan-Moalleman Road, but for a one-day visit to the desert, navigate the route Damghan - Khourzanis a good option.

The best route to reach Damghan road after the Road Police, the Khourgan village, the village of Messiahabad and the salt mine road.

By choosing the route to the desert from Damghan, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of a salt branch that is about one kilometer in length, and this is the first story of the journey to the desert.

Having crossed this salt clay,  again appears that about It is five meters long and then you enter the main desert of Haji Aligholi Desert and from there it works to the eyes, it is dandelion and the salt shapes and nets that pass through other aspects of the desert beauty in front of the tourists.


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