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Hamas denies Israeli claim on presence of its fighters at Al-Jaouni school

Tehran, IRNA – The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has stated that the Zionist regime’s claim on the presence of resistance fighters at the Al-Jaouni school in the Nuseirat refugee camp of the Gaza Strip is false and misleading.

According to the Palestinian Safa news agency, Hamas issued a statement underlining that the Israeli army’s claim that members of the resistance movement were present at the Al-Jaouni school, which belongs to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), where the Zionists carried out a heinous massacre, is a lie.

The Zionist regime is trying to deceive public opinion through these false claims and hide its goals of the massacre of the Palestinian people and the destruction of the foundations of life in the Gaza Strip from the world’s public opinion, Hamas argued.

Targeting and destroying 190 refugee shelters, schools, and UNRWA facilities, and the killing of hundreds of people inside each of them, including children, women, and the elderly, indicate the nature of the criminal objectives of the Israeli occupation regime’s cabinet and its attempt to demolish these centers and trap the largest number of defenseless civilians inside them in order to advance the fascist genocidal war against the Palestinian people, it added.

The statement further said that such acts against defenseless Palestinian civilians and the policy of destroying the infrastructure and facilities of the UNRWA are considered war crimes and gross violations of international law, calling on the international community to take a clear stance and condemn the atrocities as well as make efforts to stop them and to prosecute the leaders of the Zionist occupation regime.

The state media office in Gaza reported on Saturday night that 16 people were martyred and more than 75 Palestinians were wounded in a new massacre carried out by the regime’s military in an attack on the al-Jaouni school in the al-Nuseirat camp, where 7,000 Palestinian refugees are stationed.


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