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Colombia president: Netanyahu committing barbarism, genocide in Gaza

Tehran, IRNA – Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro has said that the Israeli prime minister is committing barbarism and genocide against the people of Gaza, telling Benjamin Netanyahu that killing civilians will not make him a hero.

The two have been trading barbs on X social media platform since Friday when Petro called for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue an arrest warrant for Netanyahu over the genocide in Gaza.

A day later, the Israeli premier responded by accusing Petro of being “an antisemitic supporter of Hamas”.

Petro was quick to hit back as well, sharing two separate posts on X, formerly Twitter.

He said he is not a supporter of Hamas, but a supporter of a “republican, popular and secular democracy” that along with his religious principles leads him to reject the barbarism that Netanyahu commits, which is called genocide and is anti-humane. “Neither anti-Semitic nor anti-human. If Gaza dies, humanity dies.”

The Colombian president also said that the “Semites should not be the architects of a genocide because they suffered it. Just as the genocide of the Jewish people in Nazi Europe is inadmissible, so is the current genocide against the Palestinian people.”

And in a later post, Petro warned Netanyahu that he will go down in history as a genocide [perpetrator], telling him that “dropping bombs on thousands of innocent children, women and elderly people does not make you a hero.”

Last week, Colombia cut off diplomatic ties with the Israeli regime, joining Bolivia, Belize and South Africa in severing or suspending relations with Israel over the Gaza war that has already killed nearly 35,000 Palestinians since early October.


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