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UK Jewish figures support liberation of Palestine

London, May 5, IRNA – A group of UK Jewish figures in a message on the occasion of Quds Day disavowed themselves from the crimes of the Zionist regime and called for the liberation of Palestine.

The statement, which was published on social media, said that Israel claims to be a Jewish country but actually it is a Zionist land.

All Jews are not Zionists and Israel is not a county of all Jews, the statement said, adding that most Zionists are Christians.

Most Jews of Europe were against the formation of Israel and by the 1940s, less than 2% of Jews supported the idea, it said.

The activists in this video who claim to be Jews say that Zionism is a fake ideology and demand the occupation of Palestine and Israeli apartheid be ended.

They said that they are sometimes called traitors and anti-Semitic but they will keep defending the Palestinian cause.

They reiterated that Israel does not represent the Jewish community and followers of Judaism bear no animosity with Palestinians.

Archbishop Theodosios of Sebastia from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, also known in the media as Atallah Hanna, expressed his support for the Palestinian cause in a video message on Tuesday.

Atallah Hanna stressed a fair solution for solving the dispute between Israel and Palestine and the liberation of the Holy Quds and the people.

Elevating the Palestinian flag was an innovation of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), which was welcomed by Muslims around the world. The IHRC announced that it would do it this year as well.

More than 100 NGOs from different countries, such as Mozambique, India, the US, New Zealand, Finland, South Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia, supported the move last year.


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