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Normalization of ties with Zionist regime against spirit of Ummah: Speakers

Islamabad, May 1, IRNA -- Iranian and Pakistani speakers emphasizing to resist any conspiracy to downplay the issue of Palestine among Muslims say normalizing of ties with the Zionist regime is against the principle of unity of the Islamic world.

They expressed the views at a webinar in connection with the international day of Al-Quds organized by the Iranian Cultural Center in the southern city of Karachi.

Seyed Mohammad Reza Sajjadi, Acting Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi, Bahram Kian, Head of Iranian Cultural Center as well as a number of prominent Pakistani figures affiliated with political parties, media Religious groups, and officials participated in the webinar.

**Compromising rulers are the founders of division

Bahram Kian, Head of Iranian Cultural Center said Al-Quds Day is an intelligent initiative of Imam Khomeini (RA), which had given a new soul to the issue of Palestine.

He added Holy Quds, as the first Qibla of Muslims, is a component that evaluates the identity and credibility of the Muslims of the world.

“The issue of Palestine remains the first issue of the Islamic world and the support of the Palestinian cause and Holy Quds, is a link between Muslims around the world,” he said.

He added we are now witnessing events in some Islamic countries that have targeted the unity of Muslims and the Islamic Ummah.

He said normalization of relations with the fake, terrorist, and usurper Zionist regime have created divisions among the Islamic Ummah.

Bahram Kian emphasized normalization of ties with the usurper Zionist regime is a clear betrayal of the aspirations of the oppressed people of Palestine.

He referred to the Supreme Leader's statement that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and must be governed by their will.

Seyed Mohammad Reza Sajjadi, Acting Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi expressing his views said Quds Day this year is different from every year; because it the first day of Al-Quds after the action of some Arab governments to normalize ties with the Zionist regime and betraying the Palestinian cause.

He also condemned the so-called deal of the century adding that the deal pursues dangerous and wide-ranging goals.

“The most important of these is the gradual forgetting of the issue of Palestine and strengthening the illegitimate Israeli regime, the forgery of identity for the Zionist regime,” he said.

He added west is trying to create a joint Western-Jew and Arab front against the Resistance Front, including Lebanon's Hezbollah and Yemen's Ansarullah, and upsetting the balance of power in the region in favor of the governments supporting the deal of the century against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Resistance Front.

Sajjadi added it can be said that the deal of the century has failed to achieve its main goal, which was to forget the issue of Palestine.

**Unrest in Islamic countries, occupiers' attempt to weaken Palestine cause

Dr. Shaista Tabassum head of the International Relations Department, University of Karachi said the illegitimate Zionist government was established in the Middle East more than seventy years ago with the help and cooperation of Western powers, and in a short time it is against all international laws.

She noted the United Nations did not recognize the illegitimate Palestinian state for some time, but it was recognized by the West led by the United States.

She added the issue of Palestine has been discussed several times in the United Nations since the infamous existence of Israel, but the Zionist regime was not prepared for any appropriate solution due to US support.

The Pakistani professor said the land of Quds is of special importance to the Muslims of the world because this land has not only been the homeland of the divine prophets but also the first Qibla of Muslims.

“Therefore, it is necessary for other Muslims to raise the issue of Palestine on a global scale for the freedom and independence of Jerusalem,” she said.

The educationist went on to say the issue of Palestine is not only an ethnic and religious issue but also an important human issue.

“It is noteworthy that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was established to support the ideals of Jerusalem and the liberation of Palestine, but some Islamic countries have now forgotten its basic goals,” Dr. Shaista Tabassum added.  

Mubashir Mir President-Karachi Editors Club said the issue of Palestine and the Middle East, although it has been discussed international for more than seventy years, has become very important in the last forty years.

He said the conspiracy of the world powers with the Zionist regime is to create chaos and conflict in Islamic countries, as a result of which these conflicts weakened many countries in the region and Israel took advantage of this situation.

“Especially because of the emergence of takfiri groups in the form of Daesh, Israel gained the most benefits in the region,” he noted.

The senior journalist added global arrogance is taking advantage of these conflicts to strengthen itself and the governments of the Middle East have become so weak from within as a result of these conflicts that they are forced to recognize the illegal Israeli regime at the behest of the United States.

**The freedom-loving nations of the world will not compromise

Allama Seyyed Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi, the deputy secretary-general of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan (MWM), said without a doubt, the issue of Palestine and Quds is one of the most important current issues in the world, especially for all Muslims, which leads to unity and solidarity of the Islamic Ummah.

He added the Muslims of the world have no disagreement about Palestine, but we see that the Zionists are using conspiracies to undermine the importance of Palestine, to recognize the illegitimate regime of Israel and to destroy the position of the Resistance Front.

Rizvi added currently, some Arab governments in the region, including the UAE and Bahrain, have forgotten the Palestinian cause and have begun to normalize relations with the Zionist regime.

He stressed Muslim nations in the region and other Muslims in the world will certainly not support the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime because it is not only against the interests of Islam but also against principles of humanity.

Saber Abu Maryam, Secretary-General of Palestine Foundation of Pakistan expressing his views said the Palestinian issue is at its most critical juncture in the current era.

“In this situation, it is necessary to use all our resources to inform the young generation about Palestine. The United States is now seeking to forget the Palestinian cause with a new plan as the deal of the century. It is our primary duty to expose this shameful plan against humanity,” he stressed.

He added the issue of Palestine was about to be forgotten before the advent of the Islamic Revolution but was revived due to the announcement of the International Day of Quds by Imam Khomeini.

It is pertinent to mention that the cultural missions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan, along with many parties and groups supporting the Palestine cause would be holding various programs in connection with Quds Day.


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