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Zionist regime committing crimes against humanity: Pakistani politicians

Islamabad, April 28, IRNA -- Some members of the Pakistani Senate and prominent political figures have described the deal of the century and normalization of ties with Zionist regime as a betrayal to Palestine, adding that Tel Aviv is committing crimes against humanity.

They were speaking at a webinar titled ‘Normalization with Israel and impact on Palestine’ organized by Palestine Foundation of Pakistan in southern city of Karachi.

Political figures, religious leaders, human rights activists and supporters of the Resistance Front attended the event.

The speakers emphasized the continued support of the Pakistani government and people for the Palestinian cause.

They called for strengthening unity of Islamic rulers to counter the Zionist occupation.

Recognizing the key role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in supporting the Palestinian people and countering the plans of Zionist regime, they called for regional convergence among Muslim countries to meet the challenges faced by the Islamic world.

Former Pakistani Interior Minister Senator Rahman Malik of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) said West under a plan has always created instability in the Middle East so that nobody could pose a threat to Zionist regime. 

“They have a very well designed model against Muslims. Look what have they done in Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan,” he added.

“Israel is doing crimes against humanity.  Muslim Ummah has been de-tracked from its target,” he said.

Expressing his views, the senator said unity of Muslims is the only way to fight the western conspiracies. “Peace cannot be brought until the issue of Palestine is settled,” he strongly believed.

Defense analyst Lt General Ghulam Mustafa (Retd) while expressing his views said Trump administration had validated the illegal acts of Zionist regime which is highly condemnable.

“First they shifted their embassy to Jerusalem and then accepted Israeli’s illegal occupation on Golan Heights and today we can see the presence of Israel everywhere,” he noted.

He added Iran is the only power among Muslim states that is resisting the Zionist regime. “Iran has the capability to directly target Zionist regime,” he said.

The analyst said west especially Americans are making Zionist regime more powerful under a well planned strategy. He said Zionist regime is trying to eliminate Palestinian nation which is not possible.

“Look they assassinated General Qasem Soleimani and are trying to isolate Iran economically,” he said. Ghulam Mustafa stressed Iran, Pakistan and Turkey have to unite to fight against the western conspiracies against Islam.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmad of Jammat-e-Islami said it is very unfortunate that Muslims are being punished for holocaust in which they had no role.

“Land of Muslims was given to Jews under a plan,” noted the politician. He said deal of the century is actually a surrender document.

The politician was of the view that recognizing Zionist regime amounts to betrayal to the cause of Palestine. 

“We reject this so-called deal of the century,” Senator Mushtaq Ahmad said that rulers of most of the Muslim world are pursuing the American goals in the region against the wishes of their own people. The sacrifices of brave Palestinians would not go into waste.

Sitara Ayaz former Senator and senior member of Awami National Party said Al-Quds being first Qibla of Islam is very dear to all Muslims. “Israelis have nothing to do with this land. Muslims have to take practical steps to counter the Zionist agenda and mere speeches would not serve the purpose,” she noted.

Senator Talha Mahmood Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam said Palestine is an international issue and should not be forgotten. “Muslim Ummah has to unite to end the illegal occupation of the Palestine by the Zionist regime,” he pointed out.

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) said Arab Muslim rulers need to understand that establishing diplomatic ties with the Zionist regime would not benefit them. “What have the UAE and Bahrain got from this act," he asked.

The politician said Pakistan and Turkey can help in bridging the gap between Iran and the Arab world. He said liberation of Al-Quds is the religious obligation of all Muslims.

Analyst Nasir Abbas Shirazi while praising Hamas said that Israel is afraid of Palestinians and building barriers against itself through walls.  “Israel is under the grip of panic and would not be able to survive and resist the Palestinians movement,” he said.

He added that Pakistan would not recognize Israel and our enmity with Zionist regime is inevitable.


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