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JCPOA members must not miss opportunity to interact with Iran: Pakistani professor

Islamabad, April 27, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani professor of international relations and political science while warning against the destructive actions of the Zionist regime to sabotage talks between Tehran and the JCPOA members said the west should not miss opportunity to interact with Iran to reach an agreement.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA in Islamabad on Tuesday, Dr. Farooq Hasnat said Iran is a peaceful country with whom talks can be held and a reasonable agreement can be reached on issues.

He said if the JCPOA materializes and there is no reason why it should not also open the doors of Iranian economic activity, it would enhance the Iranian exports, it will enhance the investments in Iran thus making Iran a very strong country which it always has been in past because of its very strong commitments and strong infrastructure and the basis of the statehood which Iran possesses.

Commenting on Natanz cyber attack, Dr. Hasnat said the objective of this particular attack was to sabotage the indirect talks between Iran and United States through the good offices of the European Union in Vienna.

He noted there are reports that Biden administration is keen to go back to Iran nuclear deal which President Trump just scratched unilaterally with no regard to international law and no regard to international commitments.

Terming illegal Zionist regime of Israel as trouble maker of the region, the expert called on the international community to take notice of cruel Zionist actions in the area.

He said that the Zionist regime should be kept out from this region to create atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

“They do not belong to this area they have no justification to be here in the first place. They are the trouble makers they indulge in assassination, they indulge in terrorism, they indulge in sabotage and they indulge in merciless killings of men, women and children in Palestine and this is the country that has most number of conflicts and wars in the region,” he said.

He stressed that time has come that the world should take notice of actions of Zionist regime.

Expressing his views, Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnat said defeat of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen is another important development.

“Yemeni people have fought well, they have defended their country, now sixth year is going on to when the Saudis and the UAE claimed that they will conquer that land within three weeks which they have been unable to do so,” he added.

The expert on international affairs went on to say they have faced defeat after defeat in that area giving an indication that Saudi Arabia and the UAE, no matter they have contacts with illegal Zionist regime they feel that they are extremely weak from inside and without full support of the US they cannot stand on their own feet.

“The best course of action for them would be to preserve their security they must have understanding or better relationship with Iran. Why cannot they sit on the same table as the US and other Europeans have done to sort their apprehensions towards Iran,” he added.

The professor noted this is the mindset of the new leadership of the UAE and Saudi Arabia that by raising the Iranian threat they would be able to attract support from the US and few other countries, but this childish policy has miserably failed and the lesson learnt is that you have to rely on your own security.

“You cannot buy security you cannot depend on external powers for the well being and security of your country,” he pointed out.

Dr. Hasnat said the world knows that Zionist regime has been a trouble maker of the region look at their history with their neighbors look at the history of their treatment to Palestinians with the colonized area which the Zionist regime has been expanding from time to time.

“It has dismal record it has terrible record, their apartheid policy is inhuman and unheard off,” he noted.

“I think the saner elements in the international community and the US would prevail and there would be some kind of agreement between Iran and the US,” hoped the analyst.

He said there is another part of the equation regarding the issue of Israeli terrorism is that the IAEA has not taken any notice of Natanz attack or has not warned those countries which are indulge in such activities pointing out that this is act of terrorism and they should not do it.

"We all know the nuclear program of Zionist regime the only country in the Middle East which possesses nuclear weapons nobody even asked a question about them," said the expert.

The professor added as awareness grows and as Zionists activities are exposed day by day, people are asking questions about this issue as well before that it was forbidden in the international arena to even question the nuclear ambitions of a terrorist country like Zionist regime and their inhuman behavior and cruelty with Palestinians.


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