US pressure, Israeli sabotage could not stop Iran’s help to  resistance movement: Pakistani analyst

Islamabad, April 15, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani defense analyst says Washington-Tel Aviv sabotage against Tehran and their provocative acts are unable to weaken Iran’s resolve to help the Palestinian resistance movement to the Israeli occupying regime.

Lieutenant General (Retd) Talat Masood in an article published in English daily ‘Express Tribune said the latest cyberattack on the underground Natanz facility, apparently by Israel, so soon after its commissioning, could adversely impact the current negotiations.

He said of the many rash foreign policy decisions that former United States president Trump took the one that has caused immense harm to the credibility of the US and the sanctity of international treaties was the revocation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly referred as the Iranian nuclear deal.

He added over and above, it imposed severe sanctions to cripple Iran’s economy hoping these measures would change the government in Iran.

“This unilateral action in cohort with Israel reflected the deep animosity of the Trump administration toward the present Iranian government. Besides Israel, it was also meant to feed into the strong anti-Iran sentiment prevalent in Saudi Arabia and a few other Middle Eastern countries,” he noted.

The analyst said these measures were unable to weaken its resolve to stand up to US pressure and continue unabated with the enrichment and missile program.

“Once the US abandoned the agreement, Iran’s power elite was unshackled to take a course that it saw fit for it. Another aspect generally overlooked is that when a country feels threatened it would hasten to build its defenses even more resolutely,” said Talat Masood.

The expert added Iran is imposing self-restrictions to adhere to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) despite its undeniable technological and scientific prowess.

** Zionist regime main source of instability in region

Former Defense federal secretary in his article said the Zionist regime's access to nuclear arsenals and its aggressive policies were the main source of instability in the region, adding that sabotage at the Natanz site was most likely Tel Aviv's aim to damage Vienna talks.

He added the US must have realised that building pressure on nations does not necessarily work. In most cases it strengthens the nation’s resolve to stand up to it.

Talat Masood called the attitude of the United States and Western countries towards the Islamic Republic of Iran discriminatory and harsh.

He added it is indeed unrealistic on the part of Israel to contend as though it has the right to be the sole nuclear power in the Middle East. “In fact, its possession of nuclear power and aggressive policies are a major source of instability of the region,” he said.

The analyst said another disturbing aspect is how the US and the West generally have happily reconciled and even helped Israel in acquiring its nuclear capability and deliberately overlooked India’s nuclear build up.


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