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Biden seeks to restore world's lost trust to US: Analyst

New York, Jan 27, IRNA - A foreign policy expert believes that the new US president Joe Biden is trying to rebuild a trust which has been lost during the four years of Donald Trump's presidency.

Reza Nasri told IRNA in an exclusive interview that the Trump administration pursued the policy of isolation and unilateralism, while President Biden's team for foreign policy consists of expert technocrats who are after face-saving strategy and paving the ground for returning to international cooperation.

Biden has selected the team based on three important goals: First, he is seeking to amend the mischief and losses of Trump's foreign relations, which is coined by American thinkers as Restorationist Policy. Second, he wants to rebuild the structure of the US Department of State, which has been badly hit by mismanagement. Third, he plans to articulate a foreign policy corresponding with the new world condition and appropriate with requirements of the American middle class, Nasri argued.

Answering a question about how Biden would be able to create unity inside the United States, the international analyst noted that the Trump administration's policy was called withdrawal doctrine and that such a foreign policy undermined the competency of the US as the leading power of the West; so, in this atmosphere, the Biden administration should rebuild the negative image of the country, for example, he ordered the US to return to the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization.

Therefore, the return of the United States to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP) as well as some bilateral and multilateral agreements on weaponry is expected to be prioritized in the new US administration in a bid to restore the lost trust in the eyes of its Western allies, Nasri said.

The US is also facing a national gap, which has been obvious when Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, tore up Trump's State of the Union speech in 2020, he mentioned, adding that Biden faces a tough road to modify the gaps; thus, he selected a black vice president to show that he wants to change the existing divisive trend.

Pointing to the current rivalry between the United States and China, the expert said that one of the greatest challenges of the Biden administration is to avoid turning off important international players to Beijing because this turn could speed up the trend of US decline in the coming years.

According to the analyst, Iran as an important player in terms of its geopolitics and its capacities in supplying energy turned to China as a result of Trump's extreme hostility against the Islamic Republic, and Beijing and Tehran signed a 25-year Cooperation Program.

The Biden administration has announced that their only condition to return to the JCPOA is that Iran fully implements its commitments under the nuclear deal, Nasri said, adding that Washington wants to negotiate with Tehran on Iran's missile program and its regional policies, but the Americans have not yet declared what is their leverage to pursue this plan.


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