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Biden has no choice but to normalize relations with Iran: Pakistani Professor

Islamabad, Jan 27, IRNA -- A US based Pakistani professor strongly believes that Islamic Republic of Iran is a strong country and nobody can ignore it, so the new US President Joe Biden has no alternative but to normalize relations and de-escalate tensions with Iran.

In an interview with IRNA Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnat, a well-known professor of international relations and political science at Pakistani universities currently based in Colombia, South Carolina called Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, anti-Muslim, bigoted and racist.

The analyst added as Trump started to execute his executive orders and his regular policy, he was all out to put maximum pressure on Iran, for the benefit of the Jewish lobby in the US and his own inclination towards the Zionists as such.

Dr Hasnat went on to say Trump’s whole policy was to promote and strengthen Zionists and that is why we saw a so-called Abraham accord between authoritarian tribal princes of the Persian Gulf and the Zionist apartheid regime of Israel.

“But Iran stood its ground and accepted the challenges and became an example for Pakistan and other Muslims countries, that if you are determined to safeguard your self-respect and sovereignty you don’t need to bow such bullies as Donald Trump and his aggressive policies,” added the professor.

He said: Today America Got rid of Trump - a crook and a rogue, anti-Muslim, bigoted, racist, and godfather of international authoritarian regimes.

The analyst noted Iranians are known for their diplomatic skills and we have seen Iran has been able to navigate with different powers and was able to maintain its sovereignty and self-respect.

Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnat expressing his views said we can say that the Iranian position or the Iranian policy was successful and we will see in coming days the US will make a move towards Iran to lessening of tensions which Donald Trump had created in the region because there is no alternative left for the US and particularly Joe Biden but to normalize relations with Iran.

He added the JCPOA was a good deal as everybody had agreed to it and it also brought peace and tranquility in the region.

The professor noted the deal lowered the tensions and also frustrated the evil designs of evil princes like MBS of Saudi Arabia and MBZ of UAE who are really desperate and most of the time they behave as if they are some kind of superpowers although they are very week military and socially.

“They are not strong enough for the type of adventures they have been doing especially in Yemen and first in Syria,” he noted.

The professor observed Iran is a strong country and nobody can ignore it, so the US new president has to honor the potency of the Iranian system and there is no other way but to normalize relations with Iran.

Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnat replying to another question said sure Iran was able to pursue its agenda and policy to make itself strategically more stable and even stronger.

“Just look at their missile technology which Iran has able to develop to defend itself, so I am very impressed by the Iranian attitude regarding the strengthening of their strategic position in the region,” he said.

He said Iran has excellent relations with Afghanistan and doing all to help Afghanistan and to maintain peace, as like Pakistan it also believes that problem of Afghanistan has to be solved by the people of that country and does not need a solution from across the oceans and the countries thousands of miles away like the US.

“Pakistan and Iran along with Turkey and China have to cooperate with each other on Afghanistan to which Iran is already inclined,” he said.

The professor stated Pakistan’s relations with Iran have been excellent Iran has successfully been able to resolve whatever little problems arose at the borders of the two countries and now both the countries are moving towards economic cooperation with each other.

He noted that one aspect which cannot be ignored in China, Pakistan relations through CPEC or other policies, and now Iran is also ready to enter into 25-year long term agreement with China so Iran and Pakistan do have a very close understanding with each other and very long history of friendship but this China factor will further cement the economic relations between Iran, Pakistan and China and hopefully Turkey will also join this.

Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnat added Iran’s relations with Central Asian states have been excellent and with Turkey, they have been able to establish very good ties and cooperating with the country on various aspects, so this makes Iran strategically very strong.

The expert said Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain are miniature states with no security apparatus of their own and they always depend on external powers to save them or help them which is not the proper way to improve the security as security comes within. 

“That is why they had rushed to Israel as if Israel will save them, Israel cannot survive even for six months without the help of Americans” he noted.

Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnat said this is not the case with Iran as it is very strong internally.

He said Iran has good ties with Qatar also, it came for the support of Qatar when Saudi Arabia and UAE surrounded the country, and Iran also has good ties with Oman and Kuwait.

“It is just the propaganda of Americans and Zionists that Arab states are not happy with Iran,” the professor stated.

He said Iran has developed its own military might with its own resources and under the worst kind of economic sanctions. The analyst said even the Prime Minister of Pakistan on a number of occasions has termed these sanctions as inhuman but Iran came quite well out of these sanctions even in the time of Covid-19.

He added Iran is an example for us that even in most adverse circumstances, which the Trump administration imposed on them, they came out with their heads high, dignity and self-respect.


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