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Biden must engage with Iran: Pakistani editor

Islamabad, Jan 20, IRNA -- An editor of Pakistan’s renowned Urdu newspaper says Joe Biden should know that dialogue is the only way to resolve differences with Iran and policy of maximum pressure would be counterproductive.

In an interview with IRNA on Wednesday, Javed Siddiq, editor of daily ‘Nawa-i-Waqt’ said the US President Donald Trump during his last four years tenure has pursued a very aggressive policy towards Iran, however Iran stood its ground.

He said that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the US has been using different coercive measures against Iran like imposition of economic sanctions and still they are pursuing the same agenda. 

“They thought that by imposing more sanctions on Iran or by putting more pressure they would be able to force Iran to change its policy, however they were failed miserably,” he said.

Javed Siddiq noted that the  previous US presidents used to consult with world leaders on some issues that is why a nuclear deal was signed with Iran to which the US was a party.

“But, Trump after becoming president ruined everything, he pulled US out of the JCPOA and also forced the other countries to put pressure on Iran,” he said.

The editor added Trump had also moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and supported the Zionist regime out of the way in accomplishing its evil designs against Muslims.

“He also followed a policy of chaos in the Middle East and destroyed even his own country with his bullying approach,” Siddiq said.

He added that it should be noted that Trump is the only president in the US history who was impeached twice.

“He put the entire world into a dangerous situation and ruined the American institutions as well, due to his unpredictability,” the editor said.

He said Trump also started a trade war with China and tried to control media. “Trump is defeated only because of his policies and that is why the world has taken a sigh of relief upon his departure,” Javed Siddiq viewed.

He added that one thing which is very important is that Iran despite all pressures by Trump, has stood its ground.

The editor said it is correct to say that Trump’s approach towards Iran and the nuclear deal has helped the Islamic republic to enhance its national security.

He said the US must understand that it has not been able to achieve any goal by pursuing aggressive policy towards Iran. 

“Trump has tried his utmost against Iran while in return the country calmly pursued its strategic agenda,” said the analyst.

Siddiq expressing his views said that US should come to know that dialogue and engagement is the only way to solve any differences with Iran and the coercive policy would be counterproductive. 

Two years after the US unilaterally withdrew from the UN Security Council and the European parties' delay in fulfilling their obligations under the agreement, Iran began steps to reduce its commitments to the JCPOA.

Iran issued a final statement in May 2018 announcing the reduction of its commitments, according to which Tehran would no longer have any operational restrictions (including enrichment capacity, enrichment percentage, enriched materials, and research and development). From now on, Iran's nuclear program will proceed only on the basis of its technical needs, and cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency will continue as usual.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Consultative Assembly has voted to approve the "Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions and Protect the Interests of the Iranian Nation" plan, one of the nine clauses of which obliges the government of the Islamic Republic to re-start "20 percent enrichment" as leverage to lift sanctions.

Parliament had given the government two months to limit cooperation with the IAEA and begin 20 percent enrichment if US sanctions continue.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always stated that if the United States returns to the JCPOA and the other parties to this international agreement fulfill their commitments, the steps taken by Tehran to reduce commitments to the JCPOA will be reversed immediately.


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