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Biden, and a US that is no longer a superpower

New York, Jan 24, IRNA – Eight years ago, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif announced very clearly that the United States is no longer a superpower; today, too, the US officials are confessing that America is segregated at the internaitonal scene on an issue called “Iran”.

Zarif first announced this in 2015 at Tehran’s World Studies College (WSC), adding, “Let us not have the misconception that if the United States accepted something that is definitely to our loss because in that case, we have yielded to the assumption that the United States is still a superpower, whereas it no longer is,” according to the IRNA Political Desk archives.

Zarif said that we need to accept, and believe that we are capable, able to resist, competent in negotiations, and mighty in defending our territorial integrity, and all these are achieved thanks to the blessings of our Islamic Revolution and its authentic messages.

Also in July 2020, during the Government Week in Iran, he said: Trump administration’s misconceptions proved that the era of the US superpower days is over and even the almost dead corpse of JCPOA has now managed to defeat the US hegemony at the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Trump administration announced unilaterally the US exit from JCPO and simultaneously imposed its maximum pressure policy against Iran to impose former secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s 12-article US demands from Iran.

Four years of incessant and illegal US economical campaign against Iran led to a point that President Biden’s choice for secretary of state, Antony Blinken has clearly announced that Trump’s US exit from JCPOA has led to US segregation.

Although Blinken recently spoke about JCPOA at the US Senate, his clearer talks at the Hudson Institute think-tank last summer many months before the US elections indicated the same point.

In response to a question on the reason why Biden’s strategy is returning the United State to JCPOA, he said: I think we are faced with a problem and that is President Trump’s sliding of the United States from a big, probable and deep problem into a deeper, more serious crisis.

“President Trump did two things: he tore apart the JCPOA, arguing that he was thus pushing Iran towards the negotiation table for yielding to a better agreement by force. He also launched a campaign called the maximum pressure against Iran, arguing that he was thus curbing and harnessing Iran’s intriguing moves in the region,” he said.

Biden’s top administration member clearly confessed: In fact, quite the opposite happened, as many people had predicted. He was distanced from achieving a better agreement than JCPOA and even distanced quite far from achieving that goal since where we are standing now before our allies who negotiated together with us for achieving the nuclear deal, is the US segregation today.

“All I can say now is that there was no planning or clear strategy in anything that the Trump administration did. We are now returning to the zero points of accepting the JCPOA, as we are faced with choosing between two horrible options: either sitting idle and watching the next potential move of Iran that will have very unfavorable results, that will enable them to get their hands on nuclear bomb in a very, very short while or accepting the same nuclear deal in a relatively short period,” he added.

Blinken said that the Trump administration’s conduct was like a mentally sick person, whose moves back and forth resembled a schizophrenic patient, whose tense moves and revenge-taking included receiving a heavy missile attack against a US military base in Iraq where more than 100 US military personnel were seriously wounded and America was pushed to the verge of a possible military engagement.

The top Biden foreign relations member said that if Iran will return to observing its JCPOA commitments, as President Biden has said, we, too, will do so, adding: The next step will be returning our allies towards us, while they are now trying to keep a balance between Iran and the United States, extraordinarily asking both sides to observe self-restraint!


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