JCPOA opponents gather; from threats to Baghdad explosions

Tehran, Jan 24, IRNA – Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), from its first day in the year 2015 led to the formation of a saint alliance in the region in which the presence of Iran’s enemies in the region was clearly evident; they had a golden era during Trump’s tenure at the White House; their main objective was destroying the JCPOA!

These countries that have for many years been benefitted from tension in Iran’s international relations, and especially for missing the peace of mind they had reached during Trump’s era, have now been scared seeing the combination of President Joe Biden’s administration; assuming that the roots of Iran-US tension will at least be weakened; and that the Democrats will once again begin finding faults with regional capitals, such as Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Ankara, and even Tel Aviv, as they were during Obama’s presidency.

That is while assumptions on the future of Tehran-Washington relations during Biden’s tenure and achieving a broader agreement is a very tough task, keeping in mind the age-long distrust between the two countries, of which the enemies of Iran are well aware, and yet they are not willing for least tension level decrease in the region; therefore, predicting tense security conditions during the next four years in the region, in which the terrorist groups, especially ISIS will play major roles, is quite predictable.


The Zionist regime is obviously Iran's main enemy. Tel Aviv has been in a coma ever since the American media announced definite reports on Trump’s failure in elections.

The reactions and dizziness of the top Zionist officials and their cold congratulation to Biden indicated the beginning of a cold era in Washington-Tel Aviv traditional good relations, although it’s absolutely impossible that America will abandon the West’s illegitimate child in the region.

Yet, the Israelis’ greatest fear of Boden’s return to JCPOA is more than any other political player in the region, as their other concern is resolving more Iran-US disputes during President Biden’s tenure.

Tel Aviv has not hesitated in announcing its opposition against the new US administration, to an extent that last week a political commentator in Israeli TV’s channel 12 quoted a warning by top Zionist officials: If the United States will return to JCPOA Israel will have no more issues to negotiate with them!

It seems as if the Americans need to drastically increase their monitoring of Israel’s movements in the region during President Biden’s tenure, as Tel Aviv is more than willing to launch a war against Iran, but is not willing to get involved in it directly, and is therefore very eager to incite the Americans to step forth on their behalf. Their intrigues of Trump for war-waging against Iran were of no use, and now the Democrats, too, do not seem to be willing to do so.

***Saudi Arabia

The Saudis are more agitated than the others, since they see all their investments Gone with the Wind during Biden’s tenure on the one hand, and on the other hand they have had a relatively bad record of working with the Democrats, especially regarding the observation of the human rights, and their innumerous war crimes in Yemen!

Riyadh paid very dearly during Trump’s tyrannical four-year reign in the White House to encourage him to attack Iran and had never assumed that his presidency’s life will be as short as only four years and is now worried lest the US return to JCPOA will threaten its tension-making interests.

Détente between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United State, even if it will be as little as the US return to JCPOA and full implementation of West’s commitments to it, means the Saudis’ entire paid bribes to America during Trump’s rule are burnt to the ground.

Riyadh’s support for naturalizing of UAE and Bahrain ties with Israel is another bonus given by Riyadh to Washington, under Trump’s rule.

Greater fears of the Saudis were made clear when they noticed that the Saudi and Zionist lobbies in the United States are now getting weaker than ever before, and are even on the verge of collapse!

After the historical invasion of Trump’s supporters against the US Congress, the Democrats began a serious campaign against the extremists and the Neocons from the hierarchy of the US power and it does not seem as if they will abandon this campaign to achieving full success, and this has doubled Bin Salman’s worries in the Arabian Peninsula.

As soon as Trump’s defeat got quite obvious, the Saudis began setting conditions for Biden, including their demand that Saudi official must be present in any Iran-US negotiations. They said it on the first day after Biden’s victory was certified, and Biden, too, once repeated their request in one of his addresses, but his kindness did not ease Riyadh’s worries.


There are other capitals in the region that might be less worried than Riyadh, and some of them even express intimacy with Tehran, but they, too, have all these years been benefitted from the highly tense Iran-US relations. But the main point is that the head of the snake of JCPOA’s opponents is in America itself. The US hawks are seriously worried about Biden’s promise to return to the JCPOA.

Tom Cotton, the Republican Anti-Iranian senator is both disappointed and strongly worried about coming to power of the Biden administration; even the possibility of appointing Robert Mulley as President Biden’s special advisor on Iran Affairs is not acceptable for Cotton, who on his Friday remarks said: Robert is a collaborator of Tehran, and an enemy of Tel Aviv!

The noteworthy point is that although Biden deleted the JCPOA issue and relations with Iran from its most urgent priorities, but most of his administration members in defending their credentials at Senate are under the pressure of the Republicans to answer questions on JCPOA and relations with Iran, showing that despite Biden’s gesture, there is great turmoil regarding his JCPOA stand at Senate.

The Neocons, atop whom an antagonist personality like the former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, have set so many mines in the way of Biden administration’s return to JCPA that even if their intentions for doing so are real, it is now a very tough goal to achieve, and that is Trump’s special award to his regional allies, especially to the Saudis and Israel.

***Practical pulses sent to Biden

It seems as though the region is now faced with a new round of security concerns and the uneasy and trouble-maker regional countries that are faced with the possibility of Biden’s return to JCPOA will not sit at peace, to an extent that the last Thursday Baghdad explosions were a practical message sent by the Takfirist and terrorist groups to Biden that his administration’s return to JCPOA will lead to the return of a new round of instability in the region.

Trump administration managed to mine the Middle East region and the twin-bombings in Baghdad’s Tayaran Square were a prelude for the path ahead with a special message for Biden, that means working for peace in the Middle East is not an easy job and the JCPOA opponents are unanimously and altogether ready to make the international nuclear deal face defeat.


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