Ummah must take practical steps for Al-Quds liberation: Pakistani politician   

Islamabad, May 21, IRNA -- Deputy Amir of Pakistan’s top Islamic party says Muslims should take some practical steps for Al-Quds liberation adding that slogans and resolutions would not serve the purpose.

In an interview with IRNA, Liaqat Baloch of Jamaat-e-Islami said  that Al-Quds liberation is not possible without unity in the ranks of Muslim Ummah.

He said that imperialist forces through a conspiracy had created an illegal Zionist state over the land of Palestine.

“One thing is clear that land of Palestine belongs to Palestinian people and no other country has a right to occupy their land," said the JI leader.

He noted that for past many decades oppressed people of Palestine have been resisting the Zionists’ atrocities.

“Innocent Palestinians are subject to worst kind of aggression by the usurper Zionist regime,” viewed the politician.

Liaqat Baloch went on to say that Palestine is the top issue of the Muslim world and the time has come that illegal occupation of Palestinian territories should come to an end.

However he said the main problem is that the Muslim world is divided on the issue, unless we are united we cannot liberate Al-Quds.

He noted that no one should expect any positive move by the US towards the issue of Palestine.

“The country through the so called ‘Deal of Century’ which is actually the worst deal of the century has tried to legalize the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories,” viewed the political leader.

Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami believed liberation of Al-Quds is responsibility of all Muslims around the world.

He added that people of Palestine have given innumerable sacrifices for their noble cause which will not go in waste.

He praised Imam Khomeini for reviving the issue of Palestine through Al-Quds day. The political leader added that an independent Palestinian state is the legitimate right of the people of Palestine denied by the Zionist regime.


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