World should mobilize against Israeli aggression on Palestinians: Pakistani Prof

Islamabad, May 20, IRNA -- A Pakistani professor says the international community should mobilize against the Israeli aggression on Palestinians and its annexation attempt of the occupied Palestinian territories.

In an interview with IRNA, Dr. Rashid Ahmad Khan, the head of Department, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Central Punjab said that the time has come that illegal occupation of Palestinian territories should come to an end.

Senior Professor said that it is not a Muslim issue rather it is an international concern which pertains to the rights of oppressed Palestinians. “It is not just a religious issue but a human rights matter and needs to be resolved at the earliest.

He noted that Palestine is the common issue of the entire humanity. 

The expert was of the view that so called ‘deal of the century’ is a conspiracy to usurp the rights of Palestinians. “It is an attempt to legalize and validate the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by the usurper Zionist regime,” he said.

The scholar added that there are four aspects of the Palestine issue, liberation of Al-Quds, return of Palestinian refugees, illegal Jewish settlements and water and Zionist regime is violating the rights of Palestinians in all the four areas.

Dr. Rashid Ahmad Khan said we should take some practical steps for Al-Quds liberation, but this should not harm the cause of Palestine. “We have to be very calculated and should not alienate the international community,” he pointed out.

The expert on international affairs said that final decision on the issue should be taken by the brave and courageous Palestinian nation. “We have to mobilize the international community against the Israeli aggression on Palestinians and annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories,” viewed the scholar.

He added Palestinians have every right to go back to their own land and Zionist regime would not be able to stand against the strong public opinion of the oppressed Palestinian nation.

Founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini inaugurated Al-Quds day as an integral part of Ramadan so that Muslims would never forget their responsibility and duty towards Palestine and all oppressed people in the world. The day is held each year on the last Friday of Ramadan.


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