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Iran's Churat Lake: Beauty created by earthquake
Iran's Churat Lake in Mazandaran Province

Sari, IRNA – There are a lot of places in this world that we must see before we leave the world, the spectacular places that can change our minds, and this is the main reason we go to them. Sometimes we don't even have to go around the world to see them, and here in Iran, Churat Lake in Mazandaran located 17 km from Sari and 309 km from Tehran.

Lakes in every region or are a symbol of freshness and life. The strategic and important opportunity that each of these lakes provide for that region is significant.

Iran's Churat Lake is one of the many lakes in Iran that has such conditions despite being young. A blue zone surrounded by lush trees that has created an extraordinary ecosystem.

Shahid Rajaei Dam,  which locals also call it Soleiman Tangeh Dam, is one of the beauties of Sari. It is less than an hour after the Soleiman Tahngeh to the Kiasar city,  though it may take more than an hour because of the mountainous and winding path.

Many say the lake, which is  2.5 hectares, was created by an earthquake that occurred in 1939. The villagers believe that because of the earthquake of less than 100 years ago, the source of the spring near the lake was closed and caused the lake.

Iran's Churat Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes. When the lake's water is low, the trees on the lake bottom head out of the water, and normally the trunk of the tree can be seen.

Because it is mountainous, the best season to visit this beautiful lake is spring, mid-summer and early fall. Autumn, the colors of the trees turn green, red and yellow, and the leaves cover the lake.

The interesting thing about this lake is that there are many types of fishes in the lake, some of which have been dumped by the villagers, and some have been created by the migration of birds by the eggs and their transfer into the lake and have increased their population through the years.

The route to Iran's Churat Lake is very spectacular. In Salar Darreh region you can drive for a few minutes and walk through the woods. The  Soleiman Tangeh Dam is a great attraction for tourists. The area is also in the heart of the forest that can be sailed in its beautiful lake.

Apparently, the shape of Churat Lake is also interesting, it is oval in shape and its depth varies at different times of the year and varies with the depth of seasonal precipitation.

When the lake water is low, the trees on the lake bottom head out of the water, and normally the trunk of the tree can be seen.


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