May 29, 2024, 8:53 AM
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Hezbollah targets Israeli army position in northern occupied Palestine

Tehran, IRNA – Lebanon's Hezbollah has once again targeted the gathering of the Zionist military in northern occupied Palestine.

In a statement on Wednesday, Hezbollah's war media confirmed the attack, which targeted the northern area of occupied Palestine.

According to this statement, after monitoring the movements of the Zionist forces in ​​Beyaz Belida, Hezbollah fighters targeted them with artillery shells.

Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted another Zionist army base in northern occupied Palestine with a guided missile on Tuesday.

Hezbollah announced on Tuesday that it had targeted and damaged the Ramiya military base in northern occupied Palestine near the Lebanese border.

According to this statement, 130 out of 155 houses in the Zionist settlement in Qiryat Shemona were destroyed by Hezbollah rocket attacks.


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