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Archbishop of Iran's Azerbaijan condemns insult to Quran in Sweden

Tabriz, IRNA – Archbishop of the Armenians of Azerbaijan Grigor Chiftchian has issued a statement to condemn the desecration of Muslims’ Holy Quran in Sweden.

Repetition of such impertinent and insulting moves towards the Quran or any other holy books is disrespectful and provocative, the archbishop said in his statement, IRNA reported on Monday morning.

Although the inhuman measure took place in Sweden, it was supported by certain world criminals, the statement read, adding that it is not acceptable to any freedom-seeker worldwide and to any country that backs peace and security across the world.

Chiftchian reiterated that such anti-Islam moves are taken with the support of the Zionist regime’s media and global Zionism; meanwhile, they cannot make the followers of the holy Quran lose their belief as all followers of the divine books condemn the insulting measure.

The archbishop expressed hope that the world freedom-seekers would remain vigilant against the enemies who are seeking to divert the public minds from the crimes being committed in Gaza.

He further called on all international bodies to give a strong response to such measures to prevent them from happening again.

A few days ago, a Swedish woman burned a copy of the holy Quran at a square in the country while she was accompanied by a man putting an Israeli flag on his shoulder, according to media.


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