May 5, 2024, 2:09 PM
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'Burning Quran not to disturb ties between followers of Islam, Christianity'

Tehran, IRNA – The authorities of the Assyrian and Chaldean churches have condemned the burning of a copy of the the Holy Quran in Sweden, saying that such evil actions cannot disturb the relations between the followers of Islam and Christianity.

While the criminal Zionist regime is stuck in its self-made quagmire and is sinking deeper day by day, the nations of the world, unlike their governments, have realized the truth about the oppressed Palestinians more than ever before and condemn the catastrophic killing of tens of thousands Palestinians and call for an immediate end to this barbaric war and the withdrawal of the Israeli forces from Gaza, reads the statement that was published on Sunday.

These days, we can see a clear example of this awakening in the uprising of passionate students and young people in universities all over the United States and other countries who do not back down even against violent police action and still support the rights of the Palestinians and the crimes of the Zionists, it added.

Eastern Christians, especially the Iranian Christians, have been living with honor and respect among Muslims for centuries and pay no attention to the insulting actions of Westerners and those who are deceived by the pseudo-Christians.

We ask the Swedish government and other European countries to stop such disastrous actions once and for all, they said.


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