Iraqi journalist: Islamic media playing key role in revealing Gaza truth

Tehran, IRNA -- Head of the Tehran office of Iraq’s Al-Ahed News Hani Khater has said that Islamic media outlets have played an important role in revealing the truth about the Gaza war.

Since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Storm Operation on October 7, those media outlets have played an important role in revealing the truth, Khater told IRNA on the sidelines of the 24th Iran Media Expo on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that the Islamic media termed Al-Aqsa Storm Operation successful, the Zionist regime started a media campaign against resistance forces, he noted.

The Zionist regime and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the operation was carried out against Israeli women and children, he stated, adding that the allegation was rejected when the Islamic Resistance announced that its forces had treated captives humanely, the Iraqi journalist said.

In fact, the media in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Yemen played a major role in making the Palestinians’ voice be heard in the world, he noted.

The Islamic media acted effectively as well when it comes to pro-Palestine demonstrations across the world, and the biggest such rallies have been held in the British capital London, Khater further said.


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