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Welcoming Taliban rule subject to inclusive government, independence, says Kharrazi

Tehran, IRNA - Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Chairman Kamal Kharrazi said on Tuesday that the Taliban would be welcomed by the Islamic Resistance if they form an all-inclusive government and preserve the country’s independence.

Kharrazi said Iran’s eight-year war with Iraq was called the Sacred Defense because Iranians defended their country based on their religious beliefs.

Former Iranian foreign minister said that the experience of the Sacred Defense was spread elsewhere and popular resistance was formed in other countries.

He pointed to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Islamic Jihad in Palestine, Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, popular resistance in Syria, and Ansarallah in Yemen who, according to Kharrazi, play an important role in fighting against foreign dominion.

The foreign policy expert also referred to other Islamic groups like ISIS who have been formed by the US and some Arab nations to serve the goals of the Israeli regime, saying that those who join such groups have religious motivations, but are unaware of the nature of the group.

On the Taliban in Afghanistan, Kharrazi said that Iranians and Afghan people haven’t forgotten the slaughters carried out by the Taliban, including the attack on Iran’s Consulate in Mazar-e Sharif, despite the assurances given by the militant group and the Pakistani government.

If the Taliban shows during its reign over Afghanistan that it protects Afghan people's rights by forming an all-inclusive government and maintains the country’s sovereignty by denying alien powers presence in Afghanistan, Kharrazi said, then the Islamic Resistance would welcome the group.


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