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Elimination of terrorism duty of current Afghanistan rulers: Iranian official

Tehran, IRNA – Chairman of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Kamal Kharrazi has urged the current Afghanistan rulers - the Taliban - to try to eliminate terrorists in the country Afghanistan as their first and foremost duty.

The current Afghanistan rulers are duty-bound to fight against terrorism and prevent the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS) from carrying out massacres and killing innocent people in schools and Shia mosques, Kharrazi said according to news released by the Council's information center on Wednesday.

Main duty of any government is to fulfill people's rights one of which is security, the official noted.

He went on to say that the current Afghanistan rulers should eliminate terrorism while paying attention to the fact that the oppressed Shia people in Afghanistan have a natural right to defend themselves.

Whether the current Taliban - after taking power over Afghanistan - is different from the past, is yet to be judged based on their treatment of ethnic groups and different Afghan religions, Kharrazi said.

They should also take due measures to establish [good] relations with neighbors and serve the neighboring countries' legitimate interests, he underlined.

So, the Islamic Republic of Iran carefully and closely observes Taliban's policies and behavior in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan, he stated.

To serve their interests, Taliban should change their behavior in order to bring about peace to Afghanistan and establish good ties with neighbors, he added.

As the official stressed, Islamic Republic of Iran is not after interfering in Afghanistan's internal affairs; though Tehran has legitimate interests in Kabul that should be served.

He further elaborated on Iran's legitimate interests which include border security, prevention of terrorist activities and terrorists' entry to Islamic Republic's soil, prevention of transit of illicit drugs to Iran, respect for rights of Shia and other Afghan groups, preservation and expansion of Persian Language as part of Afghans' heritage, development of trade cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan and preparing the ground for return of Afghan refugees residing in Iran to their homes.

Afghanistan's political independence should be preserved; and this is not just a national interest but a necessity to regional peace and stability, Kharrazi stressed.

And this is Taliban's duty to insist on Afghanistan's political independence and prevent presence and influence of any foreign powers, he noted.

The presence of foreign forces which lasted for several decades in Afghanistan caused many tragedies for the nation which should be used as lessons by the current rulers in a bid to prevent their land from becoming a scene for international and regional powers.  

Islamic Republic of Iran will be ready for any kinds of cooperation with Afghan nation and government if the policy in the neighboring country moves towards formation of an inclusive government, preservation of rights and security of all groups, fight against terrorism and adoption of policy on good neighborliness, he underlined.

"Our policy in Afghanistan completely depends on the Taliban's behavior," the senior Iranian official said.


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