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Biden’s return to JCPOA in Pakistan's interest: PM Imran

Islamabad, Nov 13, IRNA -- Prime Minister of Pakistan says he is waiting to see the White House's future policy towards Iran, the Middle East and the subcontinent, adding that if Joe Biden decides to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) it would be in Pakistan’s interest.

Imran Khan during in an interview with a Pakistani news channel GNN strongly believed if the US comes back to the JCPOA it would open new opportunities for enhancing trade between Iran and Pakistan.

"American society is divided and we have to see how their politicians handle this situation in post election period," he said.

Imran Khan was of the view that the US policy on Afghanistan and leaving the country will not change in future as "we believe that the Republicans or Democrats want a political solution to the Afghan crisis".

He said what is important for us is that would be the policy of the future US administration towards the developments in the subcontinent, Kashmir issues, Iran and Zionist regime.

**Biden's return to JCPOA in Pakistan's interest

The Pakistani prime minister describing Trump's policies on Middle East issues, including Iran and Zionist regime as controversial said if Joe Biden to returns to the JCPOA it would be in Pakistan’s interest.

“Trump's opposition to the outcome of the presidential election and his support from the people clearly shows the division in American society," he noted.

He said: "It remains to be seen what the future policy of the United States will be, whether they will be inclined towards the Zionist regime, this is the main issue."

Imran Khan, who hosted the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in Islamabad yesterday said: It remains to be seen whether Biden will follow Trump's policy or Barack Obama and comes backs to the JCPOA from which Trump withdrew.

He stressed: "Biden's return to the JCPOA will help us to expand bilateral trade cooperation with Iran.

**Arab pressure on Pakistan to normalize relations with Zionist regime

Regarding Islamabad's approach to establish relations by the UAE and Bahrain with Zionist regime Zionist regime, Imran Khan reiterated Pakistan's strong stance against the conspiracy and his support for the liberation of the Palestinian territories.

He added: We cannot even think of normalizing relations with Zionist regime as it is contrary to the principle of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah as he always stressed that the rights of the Palestinian people must be guaranteed.

When asked whether Islamabad was under pressure from non-Muslim countries or some Arab Muslim countries to normalize relations with Zionist regime, the Prime Minister responded in affirmative, however refused to name those countries.

“Some things cannot be said and should be ignored. We have good relations with some of these countries and we do not want to upset them," he said.

He added: Once Pakistan stands on its own two feet and becomes independent, then this question can be answered.

"I spoke with the Saudi Crown Prince to end the war in Yemen," the Pakistani prime minister said on his role about de-escalation in the region and consultations with Tehran and Riyadh.

"Five years have passed since the Yemeni war has started and still there is no outcome, you can start a war but you cannot end it because it has endless consequences," he said.


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