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Pakistani media term Trump’s deal new ‘Balfour declaration’

Islamabad, Feb 1, IRNA -- Pakistani leading newspapers describing US President Donald Trump’s so-called 'Deal of Century' as dangerous called it a new "Balfour declaration" against Palestinians though it enjoys the support of some regional states.

‘Dawn’ newspaper, in its editorial, said that ‘Deal of the Century’ brazenly upholds Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people and underwrites the Zionist state’s unending violations of international treaties — to most of which America is a party.

It said if the Palestinian Authority recognises Israeli sovereignty over the existing settlements, the Zionist state will after four years begin an open-ended renewal of the process of theft of Palestinian territory.

‘Pakistan Today’ said in the editorial that the so called “deal of the century” announced by US President Donald Trump aims at perpetuating the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian lands.

“The plan has been announced without negotiations with the Palestinians it would be widely seen as a deal between Zionist regime and the USA, thus perpetuating the conflict instead of bringing peace,” it said.

It noted with Egypt and the UAE supporting the plan and Turkey and Iran opposing it, the plan would exacerbate the existing confrontation in the Middle East.

‘The Nation’ in the editorial said US President Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ offers nothing to Palestinians.

It said this document will cause unending conflicts between Israel and Palestine at best and complete elimination of Palestinians at worst.

“While the Muslim world rejects the document, some of its leaders have approved it. They need to understand that supporting such a deal that deprives the Palestinians of their lands, and right to return will make them Israel’s partners in the oppression of Palestinians,” said the paper.

Another daily ‘The News’ said Trump's deal of the century is flawed and left open many doubts and many weaknesses.

It said Trump has demonstrated that in the world he envisages there will be even less room, literally and metaphorically, for the Palestinians.

It said unsurprisingly Mahmoud Abbas, the elected leader of Palestine, has rejected the entire plan and termed it a conspiracy.

“The question now is: who will stand with the Palestinians? And can enough opposition to Trump’s initiative be generated from the rest of the world to put things back on a more even footing?” it asked.

‘Daily Times’ in its editorial said US President Donald Trump‘s proposed peace plan for the Palestine-Israel conflict is as absurd and non-serious as Trump is himself.

“The few Arab countries, who have ties with the Jewish state, have maintained their shameful silence over the development,” it said.

It noted the plan envisages a Palestinian state that has limited sovereignty, giving a license to Zionist regime to act as a policeman of the Palestinian state.

“In short, the plan does not offer anything to the Palestinians, both imprisoned in territories and refugees living outside the country,” it said.

Daily ‘Business Recorder’ said in a report that President Donald Trump's long-awaited “deal of the century" for peace in the Middle East was rejected by the Palestinians even before it was made public.

“Not that it was the ‘new Balfour declaration' to secure Israel's security interests and legitimize its illegal settlements it was a political stunt both on part of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu who face stiff challenges to their political careers,” it said.

It said the so-called “deal of century" is nothing but a crude attempt at salvaging the diminishing political capital of both Trump and Netanyahu.

Urdu daily ‘Jang’ said in its editorial said that deal of century tantamount to usurp the rights of Palestinians adding that the conspiracy which enjoys the support of Arab states also will not succeed.

It urged the OIC to immediately call a meeting to protect the rights of Palestinians.

‘92 newspaper’ is of the view that the deal of century is a non-serious plan which could lay a foundation of new conflict in the Middle East.

Daily ‘Dunya’ in the editorial said US President Donald Trump through deal of century wants Palestinians to surrender before illegitimate Zionist regime. It said the deal has so many incentives for Zionist regime but offers nothing to Palestinians.

It pointed out that this deal could be an election stunt by Trump to win the elections.

Daily ‘Ummat’ in its editorial warned that Trump’s plan is actually a conspiracy to weaken and create unrest in the entire Muslim world.

Daily ‘Jinnah’ in the editorial has stressed upon the Muslim world to shun their differences and unite for the cause of Palestine. It said that the OIC has to take some practical steps for the rights of Palestinians instead of mere lip service.

Columnist Junaid Ahmad in the article published in daily ‘the Nation’ said ‘deal of the century’ presented by Trump and company is a naked subjugation of the Palestinians.

“Meanwhile, the task for the rest of the world is to highlight the steadfast Palestinian crucible for liberation as a model that can inspire ‘alternative modernities,’ based on epistemological and philosophical worldviews that center justice, solidarity, human dignity, and self-determination at their core,” he said.

Analyst Asif Jilani in his article in Urdu daily Ausaf said Trump’s so called Middle East Peace plan is actually an attempt to wipe out the state of Palestine.

He noted unfortunately many Arab allied of the US are supporting this conspiracy against Palestinian and it seems that the oppressed nation of Palestine has been left alone.

Sammi ullah Malik in his article published in daily Ausaf said that Trump’s proposed Middle East deal could trigger a new war in the region.


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