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‘Deal of Century’, no hope for peace under great Satan: Iran envoy

Islamabad, Feb 1, IRNA -- Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan terming the so-called 'Deal of Century' as an attempt to usurp the rights of Palestinians said no one can expect peace or stability where there is a role of Satan or the US.

Mohammad Ali Hosseini made the remarks in response to a question at his first public appearance since undertaking the post of the ambassador in Pakistan at Islamabad Policy Institute (IPI).

The ambassador on the occasion highlighted the viewpoint of the Islamic Republic of Iran on various bilateral, regional and global issues.

**Iran-Pakistan border cooperation

Replying to a question of IRNA correspondent the ambassador said Iran and Pakistan are making endeavors for peace and stability on the bordering areas.

He noted during a meeting with Interior Minister of Pakistan Ijaz Ahmed Shah he discussed security cooperation between the two states especially the border cooperation.

“We have agreed to implement the decisions taken earlier between the two states on security issues,” said the envoy. 

“We have also agreed for exchange of security delegations between Iran and Pakistan,” he said.

He said that what is important for both Iran and Pakistan is to have a border of peace and stability.

Mohammad Ali Hosseini added that level of border cooperation between Iran and Pakistan is far better now than the past which is the result of close cooperation of the officials of the two countries.

The Iranian ambassador said if there is a close cooperation between Iran and Pakistan there would be no space for the terrorists groups and other miscreants to be active and further their designs.

He added that the two countries should have a close cooperation in all fields so there is no misunderstanding between the two countries.

** Pakistan PM making sincere efforts to boost ties with Iran

The ambassador to another question said Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is trying sincerely to boost relationship between Iran and Pakistan and the two countries are more close to each other than before.

“We appreciate the initiative taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan to de-escalate tensions in region,” he said.

He said Iran will never allow any third country to have impact on our ties.

“There could be incidents on both sides of the borer but we can remove all these things with close cooperation,” he said.

The envoy noted under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and President of Iran Hassan Rouhani there is close cooperation between the two countries and security forces of the two countries are closely cooperating with each other.

“We have joint border committee and they are closely cooperating with each other,” added ambassador Hosseini.

**Iran-Pakistan economic ties to benefit people of the two states

To a question the envoy said we are completely ready to enhance our economic cooperation with Pakistan at all levels which will benefit the people of the two countries.

“There are sanctions against Iran and there are some pressures on Pakistan, so we have to find out ways to counter these pressures and sanctions,” he stated.

** Pakistan playing constructive role for peace in Afghanistan

The ambassador, expressing his views said Iran has always opposed foreign interference of the US who only thinks about its interests.

He said that Iran had invited all neighbors of Afghanistan including Pakistan for a security meeting on Afghanistan which focused security and stability in the country.

He said however Pakistani side could not participate in the meeting.  He went on to say Pakistan is playing very positive and constructive role for peace inside Afghanistan. 

Hosseini said Iran and Pakistan are exchanging views on Afghanistan peace process and they are holding consultations on the matter.

**Doubtful about US role in Afghanistan

The ambassador added Iran has doubts about the role of the US anywhere in the world especially in Afghanistan. He said that Afghan government is the main actor in peace dialogue.

He said there should be peace and stability in Afghanistan and this cannot occur with militarization.   

“You can also witness the ‘deal of the century' about the Palestinian issue which has directly affected the rights of the Palestinians,” he noted.

“This is the worst act that we are witnessing at the moment. Where there is a role of Satan or US we cannot expect anything good from that,” he noted.  

He said we cannot expect anything good from the US.

** Foreign intervention reason behind bloodshed in region

The ambassador in his views said that foreign intervention is the main reason behind bloodshed in the region. He said the foreign forces have created groups like Daesh and launched them in Iraq and Syria.

The diplomat added that Iran has always tried to resolve issues in Syria, Iraq and Yemen through dialogue.  “We have always stressed the need for respecting the sovereignty of these countries,” he said.

He pointed out that Iran has also provided advisory services to these countries to encounter terrorist groups like Daesh. He noted martyred IRGC commander Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani had played a significant role in eliminating terrorist groups especially Daesh.

He said General Soleimani’s visit to Baghdad was for peace and tranquility in the country.  “He was in Iraq on the invitation of the Iraqi government,” stated the ambassador.

The envoy said the regional countries must make efforts to prevent foreign intervention especially from the US in this area.

** Iran could defend holy shrines without anyone’s’ support

Ambassador Hosseini to a question said Iran has not encouraged anyone to fight or defend holy shrines in the region particularly in Syria or Iraq. He said people of south and central Asian region have special regards for Ahl al-Bayt and want to ensure the safety of the holy shrines in Syria and Iraq at all cost.

“Iran will continue to defend these shrines and if we see that these shrines are in danger we will stand up,” said the envoy.

He noted that Iran with its eighty million population has enough power to defend these shrines without the support of any other side.

He said some countries of the region are normalizing their ties with Zionist regime and their position on the Palestine issue is very clear.

**Iran ready for dialogue with Persian Gulf neighbors

Ambassador said that Tehran is ready to hold dialogue with Saudi Arabia to bring peace and stability in the Persian Gulf region. Hosseini welcomed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts for de-escalation of tensions in the region.

He recalled that Iran’s President Hasaan Rouhani had last year (2019) proposed a regional cooperation mechanism called Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE) for durable peace throughout the region.

“However some regional countries have not welcomed these plans rather they tried to spoil these initiatives,” noted the envoy.  

“We told Prime Minister Imran Khan during his Iran visit that we are ready to hold dialogue either in Tehran, Riyadh or in Islamabad but Pakistan has not received a positive a response from the other side, however we have not lost the hope,” said Mohammad Ali Hosseini.

Pakistan's former Secretary Defence Lt. Gen Asif Yasin Malik in his views said Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has opened a new page of friendship with Iran in different fields like security, diplomacy and regional issues.

He noted that people of Iran are a proud nation and Persian Empire has been conquered by anybody it is one of the unique civilizations.  He said Iran was the first country that had recognized Pakistan after independence. 

The expert said Pakistan has supported the JCPOA which was the result of the visionary leadership of Iran.

“Trump has unfortunately jumped out of it but I hope Iran will stay with the European partners,” he viewed. 

He added Pakistan has always stood neutral by not being party to any aggressive designs against Iran.

Asif Yasin Malik said any act of hostility against Iran would be taken as an act against Pakistan, ‘we will not allow our land to be used against Iran in any manner.’

He appreciated Iran for supporting Kashmiri people. He warned Iran to remain vigilant on conspiracy to divide Muslims of the region.

Executive Director IPI Prof Sajjad Bokhari, on this occasion, said that Pak-Iran ties have been impacted by the regional and the geo-political environment. Citing examples of Pakistan staying out of Yemen conflict and offering mediation on multiple occasions, he observed that the two sides have importantly collaborated for peace in the past.

He suggested that the existing bilateral cooperation for peace and security could be further strengthened by working together for a regional security arrangement that could bring together all regional players and under which they could work together to address their security concerns. The first step in the direction, he noted would be to develop strategic convergence and build trust.


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