US economic terrorism is out there to block young Iranian entrepreneurs: Zarif

Tehran, Oct 21, IRNA - Iran's foreign minister slammed the US coercive economic measures against Iran, saying his move seeks to "block young Iranian entrepreneurs and their ideas". 

"DonaldTrump 's EconomicTerrorism is out to block them and their ideas, but they're relentless in pursuit of dreams," tweeted Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday night after visiting an innovation factory run by thousands of young Iranians in Tehran. 

Iran calls the US' reimposed economic sanctions "economic terrorism" that is targeting the Iranian nation. 

"2,500 young entrepreneurs have turned an old building in Tehran into an innovation factory to develop cutting edge tech—gaming, nano medicine, AI, #Internet of Things (IoT) ...." wrote the Iranian foreign policy chief. 

Earlier in the day, he urged the media and the world to stop using the word "sanction" against Iran, arguing that "sanctions are a tool in the hands of governments to force another state to enforce the rule of law. But the US is not seeking any law enforcement but only to impose its own will on other nations". 

Zarif explained that the US economic terrorism is "coercive economic measures" that are meant to put pressure on the Iranian people. 


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