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Israel on cusp of losing occupied Al-Jalil region: Zionist official

Tehran, IRNA- The head of the Nahariya City Council in occupied Palestine has expressed concern about the continuous rocket and drone attacks from Lebanon's Hezbollah on the occupied lands, warning that the regime is on the way to losing Al-Jalil, an occupied region along the Lebanese border.

IRNA cited a report from Hebrew newspaper Ma'ariv on Tuesday morning that, Nahariya led by Ronen Marelly said that the rocket fire and continuous launch of drones in the north is the biggest disaster Israel has seen since its creation.

Ma'ariv Hebrew newspaper quoted Marelly as saying that Israel is on the way to lose Al-Jalil, located 30 kilometers north of Haifa on a stunning stretch of the Mediterranean Coast. "If you don't take action right now, you will lose Al-Jalil, both in terms of returning the settlers to their homes and in terms of security."

This also as Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah Movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said recently that in case of fueling tensions, attack on al-Jalil will continue to remain on the table.

With the start of the Al-Aqsa Storm operation by the Palestinian resistance groups, Lebanon's Hezbollah, in order to engage a major part of the Zionist military in northern Palestine and reduce the pressure on the resistance in Gaza, has carried out operations against Israeli targets almost on a daily basis

As a result of these attacks, so far some of the bases of the Israeli regime, including military equipment such as tanks, personnel carriers and armored vehicles have been destroyed.

In recent months, many analysts and former senior commanders of the Zionist regime, criticizing the performance of the cabinet and the army, have acknowledged Israel's helplessness in the war with Hezbollah and have said that they consider Hezbollah to be much stronger and more prepared and that Gaza has become a quagmire for the regime.

They also acknowledged the inability of the Zionist army to counter the precision-guided drones and missiles of the Lebanese resistance.


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