Jul 4, 2024, 11:47 AM
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Hezbollah 'most powerful non-governmental army in region': MSNBC

Jul 4, 2024, 11:47 AM
News ID: 85528841
Hezbollah 'most powerful non-governmental army in region': MSNBC

Tehran, IRNA - The American news outlet, MSNBC, has reported that any potential war of Israel against Lebanon’s Hezbollah would encounter the Tel Aviv regime with an opponent that is not only the most powerful non-governmental entity in the Middle East but also the one that is more effective than many organized armies in the region.

Hezbollah in 2024 is larger, better armed, more experienced, and politically stronger than it was in 2006, according to IRNA, citing the MSNBC report on Thursday.

The report suggested that the US should clearly communicate to Israeli officials, publicly and privately, that it does not support a war in Lebanon and will not come to the regime’s rescue if it chooses to ignite one. 

It was reported that American officials must have realized that in any potential war between the Zionist regime and Hezbollah, there is a possibility that “Americans will not be immune from the consequences."

Furthermore, MSNBC added that in the event of war, the Resistance Movement's missiles could target any site in Israel, particularly its vital civilian infrastructure, airports, ports, electrical networks, and power stations.

The report also noted that the Israeli ground troops would face with Hezbollah fighters that have garnered military tactics, operations, and procedures following years of presence in Syria.

It was further stated that at present, Hezbollah resembles an army that possesses 200,000 rockets and missiles of various ranges.

The situation in the northern occupied territories would also worsen, with the economy of the Israeli regime declining further as settlers abandon their settlements for safety, it added.


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