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Iran to react if Israel conducts broad raid on Lebanon: Israeli media

Tehran, IRNA – Media outlets of the Israeli regime warned their leaders in Tel Aviv that if the regime launches a full-scale attack on Lebanon, Iran is likely to get involved.

A news presenter of Channel 12 (Keshet 12) said that the war against Gaza has taught Israel that reaching the phase of concluding the war takes a long time and that fast-ending the situation in this region is not feasible.

The presenter went on to say that if Israeli officials are thinking about a war in the north (occupied Palestine bordering Lebanon), it would be better to raise the question, if we are supposed to go to war, do we have the ability to end it and how much time is needed for this and what will be the cost?

The anchor added that the Israeli army is worn out and completely reliant on US weapons, and its internal front is completely defenseless, so the authorities should think well before deciding to expand the war.

Dana Weiss, a political analyst of the Channel 12, referred to the extensive operations by Hezbollah against the Israeli military bases and settlements in northern occupied Palestine and the usurped Golan Heights, noting that the images we saw this week in the north have greatly concerned us, and the White House officials are also concerned because they do not want to see a full-scale war in the north.

Weiss argued that if the extensive war kicks off on the northern front, it is more likely that this time Iran will not remain silent but will get involved and this will completely change the equation of the battle.

The Kan 11 TV channel of the Zionist regime also reported that the number of reserve forces in the Israeli army increased to 300,000, and the army is seeking to increase the numbers in case of a wide-ranging war in the northern front.

Moreover, the Radio Israel reported earlier that the cabinet of this regime decided to call up another 50,000 reserve soldiers to be ready in case of any increase in engagement in the Lebanese front.

Meanwhile, deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem had previously warned that if the Israeli regime seeks to engage in a full-scale war, Hezbollah is prepared to confront it.


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