The philosophical letter of the world Leader of resistance

Ayatollah Khamenei's letter to the conscientious and honorable students who are supportive of the Palestinian people in the United States is a symbol of the sympathy and solidarity of the Iranian people with their anti-Zionist protests. It also shows the attention of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to this impressive move. The dimensions of this wise letter can be examined through the following points:

1. The timing of this letter was chosen very appropriately because today most of the people of the world hate and are disgusted by Israel's crimes and genocide in Palestine. Also, the paternal tone and compassionate literature of the leader, who addresses the protesting American students as conscientious and honorable people, is very penetrating and influential. 

2. Introducing the new geography of resistance and describing the protesting American students as a part of the great resistance front in a place far away from West Asia is one of the original parts of the letter. It shows the geographical and intellectual expansion of the resistance front led by Ayatollah Khamenei, the global leader of this front. The protesting US students, who are mostly non-Muslims, have joined the resistance front in a new geography and by condemning the genocide in Gaza, they have invented a new way to defend the freedom of Palestine. The hallmark of this thinking is the fight against the tyrant and the effort to stop the blatant cruelty of the racist terrorist network, which, by occupying the Palestinian nation, has subjected the people of this land to the most severe forms of pressure and torture.

3. In this letter, Ayatollah Khamenei, referring to the most correct account of the creation of the fake Israeli regime, raises issues that may not have reached the ears of many people in the world, especially American students, due to the censorship of the Zionist propaganda apparatus. For many years, Israel has been referred to in America and the West as the representative of the Jews in the Promised Land, while many Jews not only do not recognize the Zionist regime as a representative, but the crimes of this regime against the oppressed people of Palestine are against the teachings of the Torah and the direction of divine prophets. The leader of the Islamic Revolution honestly tells the American students that after the World War, with the help of the British government, several thousand terrorists gradually entered the land of Palestine and formed a government called Israel through brutal killings in the usurped land. 

4. Revealing the true face of America as the main supporter of the Zionist regime, which through its political, economic, weapons and even nuclear support, has encouraged the Zionist regime to continue brutality, terror and repression. This is another important theme of Ayatollah Khamenei's letter. Even today, the US government's statements regarding the terrible crimes in Gaza are more hypocritical than they are true.

5. Another important point in this letter is the Leader of the Islamic Revolution's good news to the American students about a change in the oppressive world order. According to Ayatollah Khamenei, the reasons for this change are the awakening of consciences on a global scale, the revelation of the truth and the strengthening of the resistance front. These will make the change in the current order possible and the forerunner of a just order will emerge from West Asia. Students of dozens of universities in America, accompanied and supported by university professors, can influence the process of forming a new order, if they believe in "the passing of history".

6. The most significant aspect of this letter is Ayatollah Khamenei's recommendation to the American students to familiarize themselves with the teachings of the Quran. This recommendation is aimed at reviving and instilling a sense of truth-seeking in the hearts of the audience, who have consciously chosen the path of honesty and righteousness, and recognized the lies and hypocrisy of their own rulers. One of the key messages conveyed in this letter is the Quranic principle of "Do not oppress and do not be oppressed," which emphasizes the importance of standing on the path of truth. By embracing this lesson from the Quran, the protesting American students, as part of the resistance front, can stand against the oppression of the US government and defend the rights of the oppressed people of the world, especially the Palestinian people, against the crimes of Zionism.


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