Apr 14, 2024, 7:16 PM
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Commander says any aggression will meet firm response from Iranian air defense

Tehran, IRNA – A senior Iranian commander has warned that any aggression against Iran will receive a firm response from the air defense systems of the country.

Brigadier General Qader Rahim Zadeh, who leads the Khatam ul-Anbia Joint Headquarters of Air Defense, said on Sunday that the Iranian airspace is insecure for aggressors and if the enemy makes any mistake in its calculations and carries out any aggression against the country’s airspace, it will definitely face a deadly and fiery response from the air defense systems.

His comments comes in the wake of Iran’s harsh response to a last week attack by the Israeli regime on Iranian consulate in Damascus and reports that Tel Aviv might decide to retaliate.  

The commander noted that all the corridors are open now and the flights are being operated in full security.


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