Mar 26, 2024, 11:46 PM
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In a symbolic move, London street near Israeli regime's embassy was named "Genocide Street"

Tehran, IRNA - British human rights activists today (Tuesday) in an initiative against the Zionist regime, named the street leading to the embassy of this regime in London, "Genocide Street".

By installing a symbolic placard on the street near the Zionist regime's embassy in London, human rights activists from Amnesty International called this street "genocide street" and announced the reason for this action to remind the world of the crimes of this regime in Gaza.

Speaking to reporters about the installation of this symbolic placard, Tom Guha, one of the activists of Amnesty International, said: "The Israeli authorities must know that the issue of their trial for genocide is serious and they must take this matter seriously."

According to this report, the members of Amnesty International in London announced that they will send a letter signed by "Sasha Deshmukh", the executive director of Amnesty International, to the embassy of the Zionist regime and will warn the Zionist diplomats about the continuation of the crimes of this regime in Gaza.


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