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Media discloses details of German intelligence agent's meeting with Hezbollah deputy chief

Tehran, IRNA – A Lebanese media published details of a senior German intelligence official's trip to Beirut and his meeting with the deputy secretary-general of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The Lebanese media "Al-Akhbar" announced that Vice President for Core Tasks of Federal Intelligence Service Ole Diehl visited Beirut about two weeks ago for one night to talk to Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah Naim Qassem, but he did not meet with any of the Lebanese officials.

Elaborating on the objectives of the trip, the media said that the trip was made in line with the West's efforts to keep the Lebanese front separate from the Palestinian front.

It added that the trip was in line with the carrot and stick policy, which is applied by the West against Lebanon.

On the one hand, they offer incentives to the Lebanese authorities to convince Hezbollah to stop the war, and on the other hand, they convey the threats and warnings of the Zionist enemy about Netanyahu's insane action and the fear of the possibility of a large-scale war against Lebanon if the resistance operation continues.

The meeting did not bring any serious results and Germany has not been able to convince the resistance to stop its operations.

The Palestinian resistance groups started the Al-Aqsa Storm from the Gaza Strip against the Zionist regime in response to decades of occupation and aggression.

To retaliate, the regime closed Gaza's crossings and started bombarding the enclave.

After 45 days of conflict, a truce was established between the two sides, but the Zionist regime resumed attacks on Gaza after that.

Over 26,000 Palestinians including thousands of women and children have been killed by the Zionist regime in Gaza.


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