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‘US to face dire consequences over its attack on Yemeni armed forces’

Tehran, IRNA – Senior Yemeni official Mohammed Ali al-Houthi has warned the United States of dire consequences over its recent attack on Yemeni boats in the Red Sea that were involved in an operation against an Israeli-bound ship as part of Yemen’s measures in support of the Palestinians in war-hit Gaza.

Al-Houthi, a member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, issued the warning on Monday, a day after US helicopters shot at three Yemeni boats, killing ten armed forces.

The Yemeni army confirmed the deaths and said its forces was conducting a military operation against Maersk Hangzhou vessel that was heading to the ports of the occupied Palestine. The army said the vessel was targeted after it refused to respond to its warnings.

“This act of aggression by American troops against the Yemeni armed forces will have dire consequences for them. The US conducted the attack with the aim of ensuring the security of the ships of the Zionist enemy and its economic and trade activities so that it can continue its crimes in Gaza,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said, according to Arabi 21 website.

The Yemeni official also warned other countries not to enter "the US quagmire".

“Washington is increasingly seeking to drag others into this quagmire. Any country, which collaborates with the US in the aggression against the Yemeni nation, would enter adventurism regarding its interest, security and shipping,” he said in reference to an international coalition that the US announced last month to counter Yemeni attacks against shipping in the Red Sea.

Yemen has time again said that its operations only target Israeli-bound vessels, stressing that they are aimed at building up pressure against the Israeli regime to force it to stop its war in Gaza and let food and medicines into the besieged Palestinian territory.


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