Feb 25, 2023, 8:04 PM
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By: Mohsen Pakaein

On Elham Aliyev speech in Munich

Feb 25, 2023, 8:04 PM
News ID: 85040526
On Elham Aliyev speech in Munich

Tehran, IRNA - In continuation of the projections of the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan against Iran, Elham Aliyev told reporters on the sidelines of the Munich security conference that the Iranian organization was behind the Embassy of Azerbaijan incident in Tehran!

In strange statements, he claimed that "the late intervention of the police in the incident and the fact that Iranian TV interviewed the assailant quickly after arresting him, shows that he was sent by Tehran!" Continuing his strange claims, Aliyev demanded the trial of those who, according to him, had sent the assailant to carry out this terrorist attack to the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran!

These statements and baseless claims about the involvement of Iranian officials in the incident of the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran are mostly influenced by emotions and due to the influence of the indoctrination of liars as well as the Israel regime and factors that intend to destroy Iran-Azerbaijan relations.

Of course, apart from this, another important reason is that Mr. Elham Aliyev intends to cover up some internal failures by exaggerating the threat of Iran or an incident that happened in Iran and diverting the public opinion of this country into a virtual issue.

The fact is that Mr. Aliyev was supposed to liberate the city of Karabagh centered on Khan Kandi in the 44-day war. While the Azerbaijani military forces had successfully liberated 5 cities, settled in Shusha, and were on the verge of liberating Karabakh, Mr. Elham Aliyev decided to travel to Russia to sign the Moscow agreement.

In this agreement, the main goal of the 44-day war, which is the liberation of Karabakh, was not achieved, and this issue was subject to the next 5-year negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which could last up to 10 years. Therefore, the people who were waiting to celebrate the liberation of Karabakh after the sacrifice of the Azeri soldiers and giving martyrs faced failure.

At that time, the government of Azerbaijan tried to celebrate the liberation of 7 cities occupied by Armenia and consider it a great victory, while these cities were in the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and could return to Azerbaijan through negotiations, there was no need for war.

Therefore, after the victory celebrations were over and people's feelings subsided, they came to the fact that despite these martyrs, wars, and costs, Karabakh has not been liberated. Therefore, today they have this demand from Mr. Aliyev and he wants to raise new issues so that this demand of the people does not stand out too much.

After the excitement of the victory in the 44-day war, Mr. Aliyev made a series of historical claims against Armenia and announced that he will open Zangezzor Corridor through military means. In the sense that it will occupy some of the lands of Armenia and will put the territorial integrity of this country at risk, this idea of Mr. Aliyev was opposed by the countries of the region, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the resistance of Armenia, this issue was removed from the agenda. So Mr. Aliyev announced that he will try to use this corridor through negotiation and respecting the territorial integrity of Armenia. Azerbaijan then forced Armenia to open the Zange Corridor and blocked the Lachin Corridor that connected Armenia to Karabakh and disrupted the traffic of trucks and cars that were going to pass through that point. But due to the possibility of a human disaster, this action was disapproved by the international community. For this reason, Mr. Ilham Aliyev had to withdraw from his position and make the traffic in Lachin as possible.

Today, Mr. Aliyev started advertising that Karabakh is free and says that doesn't talk about Karabakh and that Karabakh has been liberated, which is not true. Karabagh has not been liberated yet and Khan Kandi is in the hands of Armenia elements, and the demands of the people of Azerbaijan and the families of the martyrs of this country have not been met.

Mr. Aliyev plans to cover up his failures by abusing a completely non-political and terrorist-motivated incident that happened at the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran and pulling the minds of the people of Azerbaijan in the direction he wants. Such statements are not worthy of a president who accuses his friend and brother country of deliberately interfering in the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy without reason and evidence.

But the fact is that the act that was done in the embassy was completely non-terrorist and non-political. The assailant's wife left Iran without her husband's knowledge and went to the Republic of Azerbaijan with an Azerbaijani document, and the assailant assumed that her wife was in the Azerbaijani embassy, and therefore this action was taken.

First of all, Azerbaijan should be asked why it did such an unprincipled treatment of an Iranian citizen who had an Azeri wife and why it did not inform him that his wife went to Baku and left Iran. In fact, Mr. Ilham Aliyev should ask the consular department of his Ministry of Foreign Affairs why this move was made and why this person was provoked and attacked the embassy. First, the root of this story must be determined

At the same time, the Islamic Republic of Iran, with restraint and belief in strengthening relations with its neighbors and the Republic of Azerbaijan, is patiently pursuing the issue. The assailant was arrested and handed over to the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the legal procedures are underway, hope that the outcome of his trial will be announced soon.

We also hope that Mr. Ilham Aliyev will look at the issue wisely and make a decision away from emotions and not allow the relations between the two countries, which are definitely in the interest of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to be harmed and try to active diplomacy.

(The views expressed in this piece do not necessarily reflect those of IRNA)


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