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Iran-made drones; West’s stances from denying to making fake accusations

Tehran, IRNA – The Western media outlets, who had tried to describe Iran-made drones as photoshopped and unbelievable, have resorted to the baseless accusation of application of the Iranian drones in the Ukraine war in order to foment a new scenario against Tehran.

The Russian war against Ukraine has turned into a big crisis for the Western powers because the supporters of Kyiv did not have a bigger picture of what would happen after provoking Ukrainian and Russian presidents. Now following seven months after the initiation of the war, the West especially the United States decided to put the blame for the deadly conflict on a third party (the Islamic Republic) in a bid to impose new sanctions on Iran.

The blame game kicked off when the US re-shared footage of some Russian military officials, claiming that they were purchasing Iran-made drones in the Iranian city of Kashan, while the Iranian authorities announced that the videos have their roots in drone competitions in Iran, where competitors from Belarus, Armenia and so on took part in.

From the onset of the war, Ukraine used Türkiye-made drones against the Russian military forces. Recently concurrent with leveling such accusations against Iran, an Israeli media outlet reported that a Zionist company delivers an advanced anti-drone system to Ukraine.

On October 19, the Ukrainian army claimed that they shot down 220 Iran-made drones; then, the US and its European allies call for a UN General Assembly meeting on the so-called delivery of Iran-made drones to Russia.

However, the Islamic Republic has time and again ruled out the accusation vehemently, noting that Iran has not given and will not deliver any weapons and drones to Russia to be utilized in the Ukraine war.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian urged European officials to show their so-called documents on Iranian drones in the conflict.

However, the allegations against the Islamic Republic do not have their roots in any tangible document, and they indicate psychological and political warfare. The West raised the issue of violation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 by Iran to put more pressure on Iran and attempt to squeeze concessions from Tehran amid the talks in Vienna, Austria, to revive the 2015 nuclear deal officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and to lift anti-Iran sanctions.

The so-called maximum pressure on Iran, which kicked off in the Trump administration in the US, is being pursued by the Biden administration, and the drone story has been put forward by the West with the aim of evading their responsibility concerning the Ukraine war and putting more pressure on Tehran.


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