Oct 26, 2021, 2:29 PM
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The Afghanistan meeting is a constructive step

Tehran, IRNA - Holding the second meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighboring countries in Tehran is a smart move to harmonize the positions of the countries in the region regarding the resent events in Afghanistan. The presence of the participating foreign ministers in the meeting and the discussion on how to help for establishment of an inclusive government and create security and stability in Afghanistan could lead to a constructive conclusion in Tehran.

Today, the people of Afghanistan are looking to the future as the US and NATO presence in Afghanistan for more than 20 years has increased the amount of destruction and problems in Afghanistan and has deployed the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan. On the other hand, the Taliban group, due to the weakness of the previous government and the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, has seized large cities and set up the government.

These developments have had many consequences in various political, economic, social and security areas of the region that the Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of Afghanistan's neighbors, can not remain indifferent to them.

Iran has always attached great importance to strengthening regional relations to ensure regional security and to help the peace process in Afghanistan, at all critical and crucial times, including the era of struggle and resistance against the occupation, have been alongside the Muslim nation and neighboring Afghanistan.

For Iran, a stable, secure, developed, and prosperous Afghanistan serves the national interests of all its neighbors, and to achieve this goal, the formation of an inclusive government with the participation of all ethnic and religious groups through inter-Afghan dialogue is essential. 

The meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors in Tehran is based on the belief that the security of this country will be ensured by forming an inclusive government with the support of all the people of that country, the support of the countries of the region and the support of the international community.

At the same time, the threat of terrorism, especially from ISIS, is a common concern of Afghanistan's neighbors, and everyone emphasizes the need for a joint fight against terrorism. Afghanistan's neighbors agree on the need for the government to fulfill its undeniable commitments, including the security of all religious and ethnic groups, the fight against terrorist groups, and the commitment that there will be no threat to Afghanistan from its neighbors.

The Tehran meeting will also focus on endogenous, indigenous and regional security, and will discuss how to establish a common security order in close cooperation with Afghanistan's neighboring countries to establish peace and stability in the country.

It is important to note that the Islamic Republic of Iran has received more than three million Afghan refugees over the past 40 years and is currently facing a new wave of Afghan refugees. Iran has so far incurred heavy costs in organizing and caring for Afghan refugees, and is facing financial difficulties and constraints to continue this process due to harsh US sanctions.

The countries present at the Tehran meeting should pay attention to this issue and call on the United Nations, the European Union and other international institutions to play their role in assisting the management of Afghan refugees in Iran.

In general, it is hoped that the foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighbors in Tehran will speak in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and with a constructive approach, and take joint action to support the formation of an inclusive and popular government in Afghanistan by supporting Afghanistan's independence and territorial integrity.


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