Swiss National Council President discusses food security with Speaker Qalibaf

Tehran, IRNA – The Swiss National Council President Andreas Aebi met with Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, his Iranian counterpart, and both sides confer on food security challenges.

The Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, hosted the Swiss National Council President Andreas Aebi, on Monday in the Baharestan premises.

After the meeting, Qalibaf said in a press conference: "There is an ancient and deep tie between Iran and Switzerland in terms of political, social, cultural and economic, and we hope this visit at a critical time in the depth of bilateral relations in terms of bilateral and multilateral, would be influential.

Iranian Parliament Speaker further stated that the Swiss Embassy is also in charge of relations between Iran and the United States, Canada, and Saudi Arabia, adding: "These relations were also discussed at this meeting."

Referring to the negotiations that took place in the field of JCPOA and nuclear issues, Qalibaf said: "In this meeting, we also talked about issues of agriculture, water, animal husbandry, etc., and cooperation in these areas will continue." 

The heads of Iran's parliament's agriculture and national security commissions will also meet with the Swiss National Council President, Qalibaf said.

*** Food security requires bilateral cooperation between Switzerland and Iran: Aebi

"The visit to Iran was based on a personal decision because Iran has an important role in the region and has a rich history," said Andreas Aebi at the press conference, expressing satisfaction with his presence in Iran. 

Iran also has extensive forests and natural resources, so in terms of the conditions of the two countries and the fact that I am a farmer, in this meeting, a lot of emphasis was placed on agricultural issues, The Swiss National Council President said in this press conference.

Aebi added: "The issue of food security is an important issue that we are aware of as a challenge, so since there is plenty of water in Switzerland and a lot of land in Iran, we need cooperation in this issue."

Referring to the tourism industry, he added: "In terms of tourism, the two countries have vast capacities."

The Swiss National Council President Andreas Aebi arrived in Tehran yesterday evening with the welcome of Seyed Nizamuddin Mousavi, the Speaker of the Presidium of the Parliament.


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