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US irresponsible exit from Afghanistan a gift for terrorists

Tehran, IRNA – US hasty exit from Afghanistan has caused many Afghan experts to link it to the irresponsible behavior of American officials which would lead Afghanistan to a civil war.

US Army evacuated Bagram Airfield, the main US base in Afghanistan, at 3 am July 2. The Afghan Army only learned about the irresponsible exit hours after it took place.

Afghan experts dubbed the measure as a step towards further destabilizing Afghanistan and getting the country into the mess of a civil war which came as a result of behind the scene agreement between the US and Taliban.

****US exit strengthened Taliban

Ali Eslamzadeh, a strategic studies researcher, said in a webinar on Afghanistan that the US exit could strengthen Taliban and ISIS and ignite a civil war.

He underlined that the US national security strategy has changed after 25 years of presence in Afghanistan and it is shifting focus from influencing the political, cultural and military structure of countries to destabilizing the region.

The US tries to destabilize the Asian countries by cracking down on Afghanistan political stability with the purpose of serving its own national security interests, Eslamzadeh opined

He said that the United States assists extremist groups in the region like the ISIS and Taliban and provides them with arms and funding to reach this goal.

Heydar Hakimi, a professor at the Karavan University of Afghanistan, who attended the webinar, said that ignoring the Taliban in the Bonn meeting in 2001 disappointed the group. He added that this was one of the greatest strategic mistakes of the US.

He also blamed the current crisis in Afghanistan on the US negotiations with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, while the group still existed in the US blacklist.

Elsewhere in the webinar, Dr. Akbar Sajjadi, a lecturer at the Eshraq University of Afghanistan, described the US exit from Afghanistan as a reward for the Taliban who had challenged US power by fighting against the greatest military power in the world.

US Army failure against a group of several thousand paramilitary people could inspire other terrorist groups to fight against the US.

Another attendee in the webinar was Raghib Azizi, Deputy for Scientific Affairs at the Payam University of Afghanistan. He said the US wouldn’t leave Afghanistan alone despite its military exit, because of Afghanistan’s strategic position.

Azizi elaborated on several scenarios for Afghanistan and said that the US preferred the scenario to bring the Taliban to power in order to fulfill its objectives.

He underlined that if the US changes its strategy, China, Pakistan and even Saudi Arabia would get involved in Afghanistan.


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