May 25, 2021, 3:02 PM
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Iran’s electoral body announces approved nominees

May 25, 2021, 3:02 PM
News ID: 84342800
Iran’s electoral body announces approved nominees

Tehran, May 25, IRNA – Iran’s Election Office of the Ministry of Interior announced nominees vetted by the Guardian Council for the 13th presidential election in Iran.

In accordance with the Article 60 of Presidential Election Act, the Ministry said in a release on its official website, the names of nominees vetted by the Guardian Council are announced as follows:

Abdonnaser Hemmati, code 88

Alireza Zakani, code 55

Mohsen Mehralizadeh, code 77

Mohsen Rezaei Mirqaed, code 44

Saeed Jalili, code 22

Seyyed Amir Hossein Qazizadeh Hashemi, code 66

Seyyed Ebrahim Rais al-Sadati known as Raisi, code 33

According to Article 66 of President Election Act, vetted nominees can begin their election campaigns since the announcement until 24 hours before voting.

Iran’s 13th presidential election will be held along with 6th city and village council elections on June 18, 2021.

Seyyed Amirhossein Qazizadeh Hashemi, 50, is a graduate of medicine with a specialty in ENT. He was formerly the dean of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. He has been a member of Iran’s Parliament for four consecutive terms (2008-2021). Qazizadeh is currently a member of the presiding board in the Iranian Parliament.

Alireza Zakani, 55, is specialized in nuclear medicine. He was a member of Parliament in three consecutive terms from 2000 to 2015 and is currently serving also as an MP and the head of Majlis Research Center.

Mohsen Mehralizadeh, 65, has a doctorate degree in financial management and has served in C-Suit level in different state and private industrial companies in Iran. Most notably, he was formerly the Deputy of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization in 1992, Governor-General of Khorasan Province in 1997, Vice President and Head of Physical Education Organization in 2001, Founder and Head of International Federation of Zurkhaneh Sports in 2004 and is currently Governor-General of Esfahan Province.

Abdonnaser Hemmati, 64, has a doctorate degree in Economy and is currently the Governor of Central Bank of Iran. He has also served as CEO of Bank Melli Iran in 2013, CEO of Bank Sina in 2006 and Head of Central Insurance of Iran, Political Deputy of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting in 1989.

Mohsen Rezaei Mirqaed, 67, has a doctorate degree in Economy and is currently Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council. He was the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Forces from 1981 to 1997. Prior to that, Rezaei was the Commander of Intelligence Unit of the IRGC.

Saeed Jalili, 56, has a PhD in Political Science. He is a member of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations and a member of Iran’s Expediency Council. He is also representative of the Supreme Leader in the Supreme National Security Council. Jalili served as the Secretary of the council from 2007 to 2013. He has also served as senior official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ebrahim Raisi, 61, is educated in the Seminary and also has a PhD in Jurisprudence and Law. He is currently the Chief of Iran’s Judiciary. Raisi has served most of his professional life in the Judiciary in several positions like Attorney General, Attorney General of Special Clerical Court and the Deputy Chief of the Judiciary. He is also a member of the Expediency Council and a member of Assembly of Experts.


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