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Referendum is the only solution  for Palestine

Tehran, May 21, IRNA - The escalation of the Zionist regime's criminal acts against the oppressed people of Palestine, which was accompanied by the occupation of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli soldiers and efforts to increase settlement for Jews, with the emergence of apartheid in the occupied territories and expulsion of a number of Arab families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah area, It provoked protests from the Palestinians and marked another defeat for the Zionist regime.

The fierce defense of the Palestinian people against their ancestral homeland and the firing of thousands of rockets into Tel Aviv  and Haifa, which exposed the defeat of the Iron Dome, prompted Netanyahu, who was considering destroying Gaza, to accept an unconditional ceasefire for the first time.

 In this 11-day war, the international community and even the supporters of the Zionist regime rightly understood that Israel is no longer able to face the axis of resistance, and that it is Palestine that has the final say on the battlefield. The world is well aware that Quds(Al Aghsa mosque) is the main identity of Palestine and the Islamic world, and that the Zionist regime and countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany and France can no longer deny the identity of the world's first qibla of Muslims. During the struggle of the Palestinian people against the crimes of Israel, the sympathy of the Islamic world and the brave people of the world to condemn the Israel and support the cause of the liberation of Palestine reached its peak and everyone was happy with the Tel Aviv and Haifa rain rockets.

Now, the ceasefire has provided an opportunity for the world to think of a just solution based on the votes of the people to solve the Palestinian problem by recognizing the realities of the scene. The solution proposed by Iran, which was announced by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution at the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran about twenty years ago, is "holding a referendum in the occupied territories" is the only possible solution to this long-standing problem.

According to the plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is also registered in the United Nations, all residents of the occupied territories, including Muslims, Jews and Christians, and Palestinian refugees who have been expelled from this land, have participated in a referendum based on the right to self-determination. To determine freely and democratically the future system that governs this land.

Iran's solution is completely based on rational principles and standards accepted in international forums and based on respect for the people's votes. Western countries and international organizations such as the United Nations, which claim to protect human rights, must support this plan, which meets all human rights standards, and not allow further Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people to continue.

In 1991, pro-apartheid countries such as Britain and the United States and Western institutions were convinced that the crimes of the apartheid regime in South Africa could not maintain this unjust system and therefore were convinced to hold a referendum in this country. The result of this referendum was the destruction of one of the inhumane regimes and the establishment of a democratic state in South Africa.

Also today, the institutionalization of racism and apartheid in the occupied territories and the continuation of the racist rule of Zionism, which is even opposed by the Jews, can lead to a democratic system in the shadow of a referendum.

There is no doubt that the fate of the Zionist regime is similar to that of the apartheid regime in South Africa, and the leaders of Apartheid, who never imagined the collapse of the apartheid regime, witnessed its demise. Certainly, with the continuation of the anti-apartheid struggle against the occupying Palestinian regime and the support of the international community for these struggles, the racist defeat will take place in the shadow of the referendum and the struggle of the Palestinian people and the axis of resistance will make Zionism collapse.

Certainly, the collapse of Zionism will bring honor to the Jews of the world and will elevate the position of the followers of Prophet Moses (pbuh).

It is appropriate to use the terms of the ceasefire, Islamic countries under the management of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to seriously support the referendum in the occupied territories and to raise it in the international arena. The Islamic Republic of Iran can also be a pioneer in this field as the main designer of this solution.


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