Iran, exporter of radiopharmaceuticals: AEOI Chief

Tehran, April 11, IRNA – Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi said on that Iran is a leading exporter of radio-pharmaceuticals.

Salehi made the remarks on the occasion of 15th anniversary of Iran’s National Nuclear Technology Day.

He said that AEOI has made 133 new nuclear achievements in the fields of healthcare, industry, agriculture and power supply and that it indicates the fact that Iran is not going to stop its peaceful nuclear development.

He noted that Iranian scientists are conducting research in this field, adding, “for instance, one of the radiopharmaceuticals we have studied during recent years is a medicine to cure prostate cancer.”

Radiopharmaceuticals, or radio medicines are a group of pharmaceutical drugs containing radioactive isotopes. Radiopharmaceuticals can be used as diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

“We are committed to expand our successes and achievements while adhering to international law and the IAEA Safeguards Agreement and interacting with the world based on dignity, wisdom and expediency,” he said.

“Enemies want to influence production of radiopharmaceuticals in the country by imposing sanctions; for instance, they say that they are not concerned by pharmaceuticals but then they say airplanes cannot transfer such medicine or impose sanctions against companies which produce radiopharmaceuticals.”

“We will not give up our achievements and will continue our efforts in this field,” he stressed.

Iran on Saturday began feeding gas to cascades of new, advanced centrifuges and unveiled 133 achievements to mark its national nuclear technology day and show the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.
President Hassan Rouhani launched several projects across the country via video link in Tehran that was broadcast live on national television, as an exhibition of 133 technological innovations with civilian and medical uses was unveiled.
In Isfahan’s Natanz, where Iran’s largest nuclear facilities are located, the order was given to feed gas to 164 all-Iranian IR6 centrifuges, with 10 SWU – separative work units that indicate the amount of separation done by an enrichment process.
The IR6 is the most sustainably efficient centrifuge Iran currently deploys, which will be mass-produced on an industrial level. The machine is able to produce 10 times more uranium hexafluoride (UF6) than IR1, Iran’s first-generation centrifuges.


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