Pakistani minister praises Iran’s progress after victory of Islamic Revolution

Islamabad, Feb 7, IRNA -- Pakistan’s Minister of Maritime Affairs says after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian society achieved growth and dynamism in all sectors, especially strengthening of democracy, an issue that the outside world tried to reverse but failed due to the brilliance of Iran.

In an interview with IRNA Syed Ali Haider Zaidi a well-known political figure from Karachi and a senior member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, said that one should visit Iran and witness the misconception of the outside world against the people of the country.

He added the outer world claims that there are severe restrictions in the country and the democratic system of Iran is week while Iran has stabilized its position after the Islamic Revolution and today we are witnessing the growth of all sections of society in the country.

The Pakistani minister recalling his first visit to the Islamic Republic six years ago said ‘I have witnessed the spectacular participation of all sections of Iranian society in various activities’.

He made his first official visit to Iran with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said that contrary to foreign claims, Iran has done a lot to support its community, especially the empowerment of women.

Ali Zaidi said Iran is a united society. ‘We have seen this unity in the elections so we believe that the claims of the outside world against Iran against this country are baseless and false,” he said.

He added  tathunlike the Islamic Republic of Iran, some other countries are suffering from disorder or chaos. “While Iran is moving towards progress and development, and even recently it has announced its readiness for regional dialogue and interaction with the countries of the region, which of course is a pleasant position,” said the minister.

The Pakistani Minister of Maritime Affairs said Iranian civilization is not only a few hundred years old, but this rich civilization and culture dates back to thousands of years, a history and culture that is a great honor for the Iranian people.

Regarding bilateral cooperation between Iran and Pakistan, especially in the sea, he said: "We are ready to launch a shipping line with countries in the region, especially Iran, whose main purpose is to facilitate transportation, trade and increase public travel between the two countries."

The Pakistani official added the Islamic Republic of Iran has already announced its readiness to cooperate with Pakistan in the shipping sector, and at the same time Pakistan is finalizing a joint cooperation agreement with Iran in the field of shipping.

"The legal aspects of the draft cooperation agreement are being considered by the Pakistani Ministry of Law and is expected to be signed soon between the two countries," he said.


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