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Iranophobia, an old way of US leadership to overcome internal crisis

Islamabad, Sept 29, IRNA -- The editor of Pakistan’s renowned Urdu newspaper criticizing the US policy of pressurizing other countries said Iranophobia is an old trick that Trump and his predecessors have always resorted to cope with internal crisis or to win elections.

Rao Khalid, senior journalist and editor of Urdu-language newspaper 92, in an exclusive interview with IRNA in Islamabad on Tuesday, criticized the White House's selfish stance on Tehran and the claim of re-imposing UN Security Council sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He added the world no longer supports American influence, because the trick of pressurizing countries by the White House has discredited the United States.

He said Trump has been discrediting the United States on various issues and these days we are witnessing his tough stance against Iran which is basically an election tactic.

The well-known Pakistani journalist stressed that the project of Iranophobia is a traditional trick that Trump and his predecessors have always resorted to in order to get out of internal crisis or to dominate election campaigns.

**Europeans’ approach helping US to pursue unilateralism

Criticizing the poor performance of the United Nations and European countries, the editor of the 92 newspaper added Europeans must speak up against the US unilateralism. 

"If the European parties are sincere they can stop the unilateralism of the Trump administration, though they are waiting for the results of the upcoming US presidential elections,” he said.

Khalid continued principled behavior in accordance with international norms should be such that if one of the parties unilaterally violates the international agreement, the other parties (Europe) should differentiate between the violator and the abiding one.

**Developing relations with Iran Imran Khan's agenda

Recalling the focus of Pakistan's current policy of strengthening regional ties and using the common capacities of the region and neighboring countries, Rao Khalid said interaction with the countries of the region has a special place for Pakistan and strong ties with Iran is the main feature of Prime Minister Imran Khan's foreign policy.

He added relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan have had ups and downs in past years. “However, in the last two years, the current government has put the development of comprehensive relations with Tehran on the agenda, and we have also experienced two important visits by Imran Khan to Tehran,” he said.

The former director of foreign news of Pakistan's official news agency considered the role of the Pakistan army in promotion of ties with Iran as very important and said visits of Pakistani military leadership including Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa to Iran have played an important role in repairing relations with Iran.

He added that we are witnessing significant progress in Iran-Pakistan relations, the most valuable of which is the strengthening of the atmosphere of trust between the two neighboring countries.

Khalid considered the fencing of Pakistan's borders with Iran and the development of border markets as two important factors in strengthening the security of the joint border. He noted that such measures would help to expand economic relations and border trade between the two countries.

He added that strengthening of border infrastructure by Pakistan and Iran would also help in curbing the menace of smuggling and would legalize trade activities between the two countries.

The editor of Pakistan’s 92 newspaper said unless we resume banking services between the two countries, it is not possible to make full use of each other's capacities.

He stressed the need to complete the much awaited Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project saying Pakistani industries should not be deprived of an easy and economical source of energy for Iran.

**No solution of Afghan problem without Iran

Rao Khalid calling for the solution of Afghan problem within the region said that Iran and Pakistan are two major neighbors of Afghanistan and without Iran there will be no peace in the war torn country.

He added: The next goal of the US invasion of Afghanistan was to reach Iran, but they should know that their continued presence in the region will not help peace.

“In fact, the continued presence of the United States in the region means dictation to other countries,” he said.

The senior journalist went on to say Washington must understand the fact that its presence in Afghanistan is problematic, and as long as this situation continues, Afghanistan and other countries will suffer.

He stressed the US selfish approach to Afghanistan must end and in all processes, including the Doha Summit, the Islamic Republic of Iran must be at the forefront of programs and efforts to maintain peace and stability in Afghanistan.

**Betrayal to Palestine ends pressure on Zionist regime

Referring to the normalization of relations by some Arabs with the Zionist regime, Rao Khalid said they do not have a high political understanding, they did not show any resistance to US expansionist plans in the name of peace, rather betrayed Palestine.

He added as the unrest and conflict in the Middle East continue, especially in Yemen and Syria, we should not expect a positive result from the action of the UAE and Bahrain for Palestine, but the current conflicts in the region will intensify.

The editor of the 92 newspaper strongly supported the Pakistan government's anti-Zionist stance and continued to support the Palestinian people, warning that we must be vigilant and should not fall into the trap of the Arabs.

**Sanctions on Iran are inhuman

Rao Khalid lamented the silence of the international community against the US inhuman sanctions against Iran, especially in the context of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, saying: "Sanctions are definitely a deliberate murder of human beings.”

He added those who consider themselves the so-called the champions of human rights have violated the fundamental principles of other countries and the rights of nations by imposing sanctions.

Praising the stance of Pakistani government officials against the US sanctions, Khalid told the international community that the world must take action to lift the sanctions.

**Iran, Pakistani media play important role in promotion of culture

The senior editor expressing his views said media of Iran and Pakistan play a vital role for the culture of the two countries and both media must enhance their cooperation at all levels. 

Rao Khalid, who has served for several years as the foreign news director of the official Pakistani news agency (APP) and has seen affairs of state media, had always supported strong working relationship with international news agencies, including the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

During his tenure at the APP he had signed agreements to exchange news, media boards or use photos and videos with the international media outlets.

He said that keeping in view the common history, culture, religion, media of Iran and Pakistan should enhance their capacities to further boost their cooperation.

The editor of the 92 newspaper emphasized: I support the promotion of the culture and traditions of the countries and the media of Pakistan and Iran should be a bridge between each other's nations, and in this way we can even help the tourism industry of the two countries.


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