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Zionist plots against unity in Pakistan, doomed to fail: Religious scholar

Islamabad, Sept 28, IRNA - Secretary General of Pakistan Shia Ulema Council strongly believes that Pakistani society is fully aware of common enemies and their tricks to ignite sectarianism in the country adding some Zionist elements try to target unity and stability in Pakistan, however, their efforts are doomed to fail.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA in Islamabad, Allama Arif Hussain Wahidi referring to some recent incidents related to Takfiri-terrorist movements and targeting innocent people in different cities of Pakistan said: Takfiri agents who these days seek to serve their friends from the illegitimate Zionist regime, are carrying out their evil plans to spread sectarianism in Pakistan.

Allama Wahidi condemned the attempt of some Western media outlets to publish fake reports claiming the formation of the so-called anti-Shia front in Pakistan, emphasizing: Westerners do not want stability and solidarity in Pakistan and are only looking for subjects that can damage the atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood among Muslims.

He added: Certainly, the recent developments in the Middle East and the betrayal to the oppressed Palestinian people have consequences, and one of its important aims is to create chaos in the Islamic world, especially in Pakistan and to distort public opinion on important issues in the Islamic world, including Palestine.

He said Sunni and Shia scholars pursue a common goal, which is to strengthen brotherhood and solidarity among the Muslims, especially against the plot of sectarianism.

He stressed: Senior Shia leaders of Pakistan have held important consultations with senior government officials these days and this process will continue until the desired results are achieved in the form of a joint front against Takfiri mind-set.

The Secretary General of the Pakistan Shia Ulema Council said undoubtedly, inciting sectarian strife and inciting the feelings of Pakistani society is in the interest of the Zionists and the new friends of the occupying regime, which seeks to eliminate the issue of betrayal of Palestine, pressurize other Islamic states to help Zionist regime in ending its global isolation.

"We are concerned about the suspicious movements that seem to be led by some tyrannical Arab rulers and aimed at creating chaos in Pakistani society in order to prevent the people from reacting to the Arab betrayal to Palestine or the uprising against the evil Islamophobic conspiracy," he said.

Expressing his views, Arif Wahidi said Pakistani scholars and our Sunni brothers are vigilant and will not allow opportunists and common enemies to target the unity of society and brotherhood among Islamic sects.

He revealed that during a recent meeting between Pakistani Shia leaders and senior government officials, some Pakistani ministers expressed concern about secret plans against unity in Pakistan, saying that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was also stressed the need to manage the situation.

**Arbaeen to give common message of unity to the enemies

The Secretary General of the Pakistan Shia Ulema Council said that efforts are underway to strengthen the atmosphere of unity in the country and to strengthen the interaction between different sects and religious scholars, and that all stakeholders are on one front against the enemies of unity of Pakistan.

He added that this year Pakistani Shias will observe Arbaeen, the day which marks the anniversary of the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain (AS) with more respect and religious fervor.

Allama Wahidi said: In addition to the presence of millions of Pakistani Shias on the occasion, we also invite our Sunni brothers, and we are sure that they will share the common message of unity and solidarity with the enemies of unity.


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